SSV x Blockscape grant proposal [Institutional Liquid Staking for SSV]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request:

Blockscape - Institutional Liquid Staking for SSV Operators powering financial NFTs

Total grant size: $50k.

The grant will be paid in 30% USDC and 70% SSV tokens based on 90 days price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

To: 0x38f29accd3eed47cd17a716bbee9db7280641c4d (verified)

A public AMA will be held soon.
An overview of all approved grants can be found on notion.

Good luck to all of us. :four_leaf_clover:



thx for flagging. Just changed it :+1:

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Hello there👋,

Based on the agreed payment terms, the upfront payment of $10k (30% USDC, 70% SSV) shall be executed as follows:

To: 0x38f29accd3eed47cd17a716bbee9db7280641c4d (verified)

Amount SSV: 1’013.64
Amount USDC: $3’000

Decision date: 2022-07-27
90-day SSV token price: $6.90579.

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Quick update from our side:
We are making good progress. Liquid staking via swell protocol is already possible. In Goerli you can now stake your swNFT via our built frontend.
For KYB we now use Quatranta. This part is working already as well but we might still change KYB provider.
Next step is the SSV integration. We will keep you posted.

Here is a screenshot of the current status:


Progress update:

  • Moved project to public repo: GitHub - BlockscapeNetwork/ssv-institutional-staking: ssv institutional staking - live demo via link in “About” section
  • Since swell had some problems we decided to temporarily introduce our own smart contracts for staking layer
  • Verification layer is working. Institutions get a NFT issued once verified (see below)
  • Working on a middleware that splits the keys and calls registersValidator

Staking layer alternative:

NFT for verified institutions / operator:


Love the NFT!
Thank you for the update!