SSV Token Listed on Euler Lending Proposal

Proposal overview - SSV Networks should listed on Euler Network in the Isolation-Tier (Lending protocol)

About Euler: Euler is a new generation lending protocol that has several innovative features such as permissionless lending pools, multiple types of collateral, stability pools, and MEV protected liquidations.


  1. Low risk comparing to other Lending protocol since assets in Isolation Tier are available for ordinary lending and borrowing, but cannot be used as collateral to borrow other assets.
  2. One more ways for SSV holders to get extra earnings. Lenders want to deposit tokens to earn yield and take leveraged long positions, while borrowers want to reduce exposure to volatility and take out leveraged short positions.

By making SSV more readily accessible to the general public, we are spreading the news and bringing more attention and excitement to the SSV Network and the greater benefits for SSV holders.

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