Proposal: Establish a distributed promotion plan for SSV holders

SSV community members and all holders are a fundamental force that cannot be ignored. Some of them may be confused and willing to help SSV, but don’t know where to start. Lack of organization and cohesion, and lack of awareness of the DAO Forum. Plus the team is currently focusing on technology and the mainnet. So I hope that DAO can contribute to the promotion of SSV

Proposal Details
It is recommended to form a DAO Task Force to organize holders who have spare time and a strong will to help SSV. Great progress/benefit on SSV and highlights of great sessions after each AMA. Go to (twitter, disco, telegram, wechat) for unified publicity. Create unified posters and text. Let all the above SSV community members and holders publish and show to more people.

Need to register SSV-DAO community account

  1. First, establish a DAO special group on telegram, which is limited to 50 people for the first time.
  2. It must be a holder of 100+ SSV coins, and it needs to be verified by a special person.
  3. A twitter account is required
  4. After getting the poster and copywriting, tweet it uniformly. And to the various encryption bloggers Twitter @ to comment

After the proposal was passed, 1212 and SSV Telegram and WeChat communities voluntarily organized to establish a DAO special group in Telegram.
It is up to the project party to formulate registration and review the status of currency holdings, and organize unified actions.
Those who have more than 1K followers on Twitter and who have a deep understanding of SSV will have priority to participate.

All who participate will tweet, as well as comment under the tweets of at least 10 twitter crypto bloggers
After completing the statistics, send it to the project party for verification

Promotional text case

  1. For example: first discuss ETH2.0, what will POS bring, and what role does SSV play in the staking track. Introduce SSV from shallow to deep.
  2. Focus on SSV is to make ETH POS safer and more decentralized. DVT technology is a technology that has been demonstrated by the ETH team.
    A Let ETH’s collateral assets (secure private keys) be in your own hands - SSV
    B is designed to protect every ETH coin on ETH POS s the foundation ofi
    C SSV maximizes the decentralization and security of ETH2.0 The staking track of
    D ETH 2.0 and has the nature of stable revenue. The core facility in the staking track is the SSV
    F. Compare other infrastructure projects from multiple dimensions, highlight the revenue nature of SSV, and compare the peak market value of other projects. Undoubtedly, SSV is more confirmatory

potential benefits

  1. Establish passionate behavior and publicity actions of SSV holders. Gain a certain motivation, a sense of achievement and a sense of mission.
  2. Complete high volume at low cost, so that more people in the encryption market can see and understand SSV.
  3. Improve the activity and enthusiasm of the DAO community and let people know that the team is focused on DAO. Get a positive community vibe.
  4. Obtaining a strong consensus among SSV holders can gain value support in the next possible bear market.

expected effect

  1. The possibility of success: The DAO community and the SSV holder community have achieved significant activity and enthusiasm. Through distributed publicity activities, more people may recognize SSV and buy and hold. Increase the number of Twitter followers and holders.
  2. The possibility of failure: the above-mentioned expected effect is not obtained. But it will definitely make more people see SSV and see the unified power of DAO
  3. Two days after the operation, the number of SSV Twitter followers and the number of token holders did not increase by more than 20, which is regarded as a failure

50 people for the first time. Each participant is awarded 3 SSVs. Distributed publicity when the V2 testnet goes live.
Why do you need to locate 3 SSV incentives? In order to increase the power of the first promotion plan, I hope to organize and execute it when the V2 testnet is released.
Initial budget: 150 SSVs
After the campaign ends, it will be distributed to the wallet address of each participant

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at last
After the success of the first distributed promotion campaign, brainstorm improvement and enhancement plans. Let our DAO community help SSV and the team together. It is possible to screen out DAO members who have a lot of time for daily advocacy tasks. For example, after completing 10 consecutive days of publicity tasks, you can get incentives…

Since I am an encryption player in China, what I am talking about is a means that has a relatively effective communication effect in the Chinese encryption circle. Assuming success, people from other regions can organize targeted outreach programs