Establish a distributed advocacy program for holders

Proposal details
SSV social communities (twitter, disco, telegram, wechat) and all holders are the fundamental forces that can not be ignored.
I propose to make significant progress / positive in SSV. And good events after each AMA. Make a poster and copy. Let all the above SSV community members and holders publish and show to more people.

Potential benefits

  1. Establish passion behaviors and publicity actions of SSV holders. Get certain motivation, have a sense of achievement and mission
  2. Create high volume at low cost, so that more people in the encryption market can see SSV
  3. Improve the activity and enthusiasm of the community and get a positive community atmosphere

With the fluctuation of SSV coin price, (keep at 10usdt-20usdt) assuming that the SSV price is 10usdt, participants will get 1-2 SSV coins.
After the information feedback released by each person is confirmed, they will get the SSV token incentive. (budget 50-200 people per time)

In order to prevent individuals from maliciously swiping rewards, conditions should be added: for example, confirm as SSV holder, one wallet address is one reward

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Basically incentivize people to share specific content about things happening in the ecosystem on their social medias?

Yes, generally referring to the specific content of a specific event, such as when there is good news in every AMA, when there is a major advance in the SSV. Distribute the good news