Develop some imaginative proposals for SSV

  1. Propose to cooperate with top institutions that hold a large amount of ETH, such as Grayscale, to help build a secure ETH pledge scheme and increase huge influence and exposure.

  2. Reached strategic cooperation with large pledgers such as LDO RPL, and will introduce liquid pledge of SSV tokens.

  3. Once again financing with top VCs, there will be more funds to increase efforts to support small and medium node operators, accelerate the construction and expand the ecological scale, and expand the competitiveness in the Staking track. There will be more funds for marketing promotion and sweeping the encryption market!

These recommendations are in no particular order and are based on the progress of SSV construction and crypto market conditions. It is best to start implementing these steps step by step once the mainnet launch time is confirmed, and you will be a great success! !

The holding addresses have been growing, and it can be seen that there are many people buying, as well as large buyers. However, the price has not been stable, because most of the token holders do not have enough faith in the project side. Because of the high volatility, the speculative property is large.

  1. There is no guiding management in each community of SSV, especially the Chinese community lacks community management to maintain, there is no activity and a good atmosphere.
  2. Although the project is in progress and has done a lot of great things, it is too low-key. It didnā€™t spread for more people to see.
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