Who is it? What's stopping SSV from rising?

Although the SSV mainnet is not yet live and the real value narrative belonging to it has not yet started. But SSV’s important logic for ETH-POS is one that many people are incredibly bullish on, and by definition: it’s more than $100 million market cap at this stage. (SSV is seriously undervalued (compared to many projects). This is a big loss for the SSV brand, as SSV is the leader in the DVT technology track and is more likely to develop into the leading ETH-POS project. Yet now it is far from playing the leading trend.

Brand value needs to be maintained, once the brand loses its value, the best product and then the best technology will lose its value. (For example, the team’s original CDT is not a bad product or bad technology.) Rather, the brand has no value because of marketing, promotion, branding, market value maintenance, and other factors, resulting in the value of CDT not doing up. We don’t want SSV to take the old road of CDT. I hope the program will think carefully about this point!

I think the following points seriously affect SSV token
1, the communities also lack competent managers. The team and the community seem to have lost touch. We, the majority of investors, do not know the news of the project’s progress and are confused by nothing. The team has never kept good contact with the community.
2, When the crypto market is doing well, SSV has done almost nothing. (There is no news at the very least.) So many investors turned to other projects to invest. In the earliest days of SSV’s supporters, there was no advantage. So hard to support SSV but get the cruelest return.
3, on the SSV Token plate, there are many real supporters, the market value is very low, and almost no one is being a loss status. All do not exist individuals in the continuous dumping. But why the value has been squeezed?
4, SSV Token many people are bullish and there are many buyers, but every time thousands and thousands of pieces are bought, they must be dumped by dumping. Every time, without exception. I don’t understand why this is. This will make many people lose confidence and patience.
5, compare binance other Token. market cap is about the same as SSV, even the trading volume is smaller than SSV. But others have better token depth than SSV, much better! (You can go check)
6, are market makers doing evil? Value maintenance is not done well, and the depth of buying and selling is not done well. Do not understand what’s going on. Even if we let the market determine the value, why must we be dumped by dumping whenever there is a large buy?
7, in the crypto market, financial attributes are paramount. Don’t doubt. Don’t doubt it.
8, Not in the sense that SSV must go up, but the value that belongs to the SSV brand cannot be discarded. It’s scary.

The fact that anyone can observe
There have been SSV supporters who keep buying, and these are the earliest supporters of SSV. There are even supporters of SSV for more than a year. But none of them got anything, not even the least open news and a trend to look forward to. Very sad indeed.

And then the backers who have been buying in get dumped down within ten minutes of buying in. Buy 1,000, 10,000 all end up the same way, without exception. This is not something that individuals can do evil like this and thus squeeze the value out of SSV. If a market maker is doing this, please tell him to stop!

Market makers are there to maintain value and add deep liquidity. Neither is currently being done well. It has been squeezing the market value and not increasing the liquidity and depth to a high level. Such a market maker is a jerk. Compare to binance other TOKEN, trading volume is lower than SSV, market cap is bigger than SSV. But the liquidity and depth is ten times greater than SSV.

These are questions to think about. Thank you!

If the current market maker is not doing a good job, please change the market maker

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First, I’ll say that we have not been doing a good job at updating the community on what we’re working on. We are aware of this problem, and we are in the process of making changes that will create some dedicated roles and improve the connection between the community and the core team. My apologies for our shortcomings thus far, but please be patient. You will see multiple proposals in the coming weeks that will involve creating a formal DAO structure to enable all of this. Keep in mind that much of the core team has been working hard for SSV without compensation, and we’re doing our best.

With that said… to put it frankly, I think you’re way too focused on short-term volatility, and you should care much more about the long-term growth. I’m guessing you’re trying to make money on short-term trades (I’d recommend against this in these conditions), or you have bought SSV at a higher price and are sitting at a loss (the price artificially spiked due to hype around The Merge, and that was a bad time to buy). In both cases, I understand the emotion that comes with it… but I assure you, things are looking fantastic. You simply need to be patient.

Remember that we haven’t even launched to mainnet yet! We have so far to go, and the potential of SSV is so high. The team is focused on realizing that potential the best we can far into the future, which involves growing our ecosystem and supporting the projects building upon SSV. For example, Lido (~30% of all validators) recently did a pilot on our testnet (https://blog.lido.fi/ssv-network-pilot/).

Even if you are solely focused on token price, understand that the price of the token will primarily be governed by the number of validators that are running on SSV, and this is what we are trying to maximize. You seem to be focused on trying to attract speculators, which brings very little long-term growth and value. Spending resources to temporarily pump the token is very foolish, in my opinion, even when you consider the possible feedback effect you have mentioned in the past, which I believe is hardly relevant in a bear market anyway.

You have claimed here and in your many other posts that the team is doing nothing, but we have been marketing very aggressively. We have had a massive presence at every major conference, we have invested heavily in a grants program, we have sponsored hackathons, and we have had major marketing initiatives like The Merge series with Anthony Sassano. AND all of these have been very successful with meaningful, measurable results.

Regardless of everything above, if you think we’re doing a poor job, then contribute! The door is open to anyone and always has been. I’ve personally offered suggestions to you, and you have only ignored them without a response. If you care about this project… if anyone reading this cares about this project… then help push the project forward. Complaining and pushing us to pump the token for the benefit of short-term traders has no value. Building and growing the project does.

And regarding our market maker… I believe we don’t even have a market maker on Binance. And in my opinion, it wouldn’t help in the way you want it to anyway. Our liquidity seems very sufficient, especially when you consider it globally (all SSV markets are coupled).