Thoughts on $SSV Token Dropping for 9 Months in a Row and MM efficiency


SSV/USDT token price trend as of 2023-10-31( Daily level)

As shown in the figure, for a long time, the token price has been suppressed by (MA90) at the daily level, and the market maker did not perform technical obstruction at the key point, causing the token price to fall further. This is the result of the market maker. Inescapable responsibility

SSV/USDT token price trend as of 2023-10-31( Week level)

At the weekly level, it was actually resisted by M10. This is enough to show that the market makers are irresponsible and even the most basic liquidity is not guaranteed.

Exchange rate with BTC and ETH

Unhindered decline for 9 consecutive months. How did our market makers allow this to happen?

Market value comparison

$FLOKI FDV = $358,942,920
$PEPE FDV = $504,347,585
$SSV FDV = $157,549,440


  1. Keep the 24h volume at 5M, which will boost the trading interest of small cycle traders.
  2. The team must curb any stupid comments. I saw someone made some stupid valuation models about the $SSV token about 6 months ago. The market cap of $SSV should be the market cap of the beacon chain. It is 75%, >=10B MC, because data is priceless,
    If the market value of a business-side L2 network is as high as 9B, and the market value of the SSV framework that maintains the core ledger data of the ETH network is only 1/90 of it, this is extremely unreasonable.
  3. There are gradually other projects based on DVT architecture on the market. Regarding DVT architecture projects, the testing time directly determines the safety and effectiveness of the framework, so I am still optimistic about SSV. Now is the time to widen the gap between SSV and other projects. What we are doing Market players should react.
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