POAP allocation and distribution


Developing the SSV (DVT) technology must be done in tandem to grow the ecosystem and community around it. The ssv.network community is evolving and spreading to other domains. As it continues to grow, the community will have to learn to accommodate a wide range of participants and followers.
In the ever changing crypto landscape, users seek different forms of engagement and various forms of reward.


The POAPs have sparked a debate around the rewards allocation to participants and community members. Seeing the importance they bring to the community, it is important to discuss the distribution allocation. Many community members have demonstrated engagement and support and need to be awarded for it.

We propose allocating SSV tokens for the winners of 4 previous POAP distributions held during the last 12 months.

  • POAP 1 - AMA Quiz - 163 winners
  • POAP 2 - Community Call #1 - 56 winners
  • POAP 3 - Unicorn - 26 winners
  • POAP 4 - Treasure Hunt - 19 winners

List: SSV POAP Airdrop Winners - Google Sheets

POAP Allocation

So far, ssv.network distributed 9 POAPs in total, 4 of which are found eligible for SSV distribution. There are over 260 POAP holders which participated in live stream events, quizzes, and other activities. We suggest allocating SSV tokens to POAP holders as a show of gratitude for their support and participation in the network’s activities.

Rewards will be claimable through a dedicated webpage, every holder will be able to view their reward allocation and execute a transaction to retrieve the rewards to their respective wallet. We propose to allocate 2145 SSV tokens to POAP holders according to the below table:

  • AMA Quiz 5 SSV
  • Community Call #1 10 SSV (POAPs - distributed)
  • Unicorn 15 SSV (POAPs - distributed)
  • Treasure Hunt 20 SSV (POAPs - distributed)

Total 2145 SSV

Distribution method - TBD


I support this proposal.

The allocation is generous and reflects how much the ssv.network values its early supporters.

The only thing that remains unclear is the distribution method. The team is working on a good way to distribute the incentivized testnet rewards. So it might be beneficial to align with that proposal.
However, I’m curious what the community thinks is the cheapest/simplest way to claim their rewards. Feel free to add a proper suggestion or start an active discussion on discord.


I think we should consider the GAS charges on Eth

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Wen DAO?
Wen Incentivized testnet start in?
How to trade this POAPs? Available for eporio?
Wen staking programm?