New Proposal Template, check it out!

Hey everyone,

I’ve gone ahead and updated our Proposal process, you can read about it, here: About the Proposals and How-To

Underneath you’ll see the auto-generated template that is created every time someone wants to create a new proposal.

This has a few benefits:

  1. All of the proposals will be standardised with the core information needed for proper discourse
  2. It’ll give posters a clear guide of what we expect of them
  3. We’ll be able to do ‘temperature’ checks both qualitatively through words and quantitatively through an easy poll

Also, the process for ‘things getting done’ is now slightly clearer, in an effort of more efficiency.

Feel free to start a new draft and you’ll see the auto-generated version for yourself

Summary of Proposal

Example: This proposal discusses XYZ things and why I think SSV should be implementing them right now

Proposal Details

Example: Our/my proposal covers 5 main points, they are…

Motivation for Proposing

Example: I’ve been watching SSV for the last 3 months and am a big supporter of ETH 2.0, I think now is the perfect timing…

Non-technical ELI5 of proposal
Example: The cryptographic technique will be better for this use case because xyz
Reasons supporting the proposal

Example: The mainnet is approaching and ETH 2.0, also, therefore I highly suggest…

Reasons against the proposal

Example: There is opportunity cost and other things we could build to tackle this problem such as… Also it will be very hard to find the talent to build this


  • For
  • Against

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