2-cent thoughts on Grant Application

Glad to see several grant applications coming while I think SSV wants more partners to join its ecosystem as well. Most grant applicants want to develop a liquid staking project like what Lido is doing by using SSV’s infrastructure and technology. It is wired for me that Lido granted SSV for development because Lido probably uses SSV network later while current applicants want to use SSV network and also want a grant. I think we need a real win-win solution instead of directly granting. For example, SSV could be other projects’ technical partners or advisors. Also, if they have launched their own token, we could do a token swap at a cheaper rate. If they don’t, the dao could submit an investment if they’d like to accept the solution.

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looks reasonable



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I think it depends on what you see as “good” goals for a grant program (granted, we didn’t define an official one just yet).

I’d like to see more high quality projects adopt SSV and build on top of it, some might do it by themselves and some might need some “convincing” in the form of grants. If we can attract high quality projects that will turn into great products its a win-win for everyone don’t you think?

This doesn’t negate your proposal of-course.


If it is a high quality projects, sometime they don’t need a few dollars from the grants.