Introducing Blooms: Local Community Events Initiative


This is a proposal to initiate the ‘blooms’ campaign.

This is a culmination of work that we’ve been building for, including our Localisation Team and Ambassador Programme

Proposal Details

SSV needs global community influence and participation.

With the launch of blooms, local community leaders can apply to host events such as panel talks, workshops, dinners and more (be creative!) The goal can be to educate community members, bring developers to onboard, or network with ecosystem partners.

Blooms will open up opportunities for local meetup organisers to be reimbursed for the cost of events, as well as having marketing and partner support to make their events a success.

Community leaders can apply to run a bloom on an ad-hoc or recurring basis through the governance forum. This can be used for covering the venue, catering, refreshments and other costs.

Blooms are intended to increase SSV’s connection with local communities and partners while developing SSV’s network recognition on a global scale, without centralised control.

You can find the exact goals detailed below.

An example bloom

Jeremy in Berlin wants to host a 20-person informal meetup to bring together their local community of stakers and those curious about staking.

A networking-first event for like-minded people to talk all things ETH, staking, validating and more!

Jeremy wants to host it on a monthly basis but needs support.

Jeremy asks for $300 on a monthly basis to cover basic costs, as well as swag packs directly from SSV (Merch, stickers, fun stuff).

SSV’s ambassadors help co-create the marketing assets for the event, as well as any inter-community marketing they may need to get their group up and running.


  • X amount of meetups per month in N different locations
  • To build a pipeline of builders that leverage SSV as the underlying protocol for their projects
  • To raise awareness of our Grants and Ecosystem initiatives
  • To funnel new members into our community via Discord/Twitter
  • To create content for our channels to distribute to the crypto community
  • To educate localities on the wider ETH staking ecosystem


  • Starting out with a total budget of $10000
  • This $10000 should allow for…


  • Worldwide community events will increase SSV’s brand exposure.
  • Network and meetup events with local partners will help grow SSV’s ecosystem.
  • Encourage more meetups to be organised if they know the cost can be reimbursed.
  • Very low-cost way ( X < $350 per meetup) to bring us together


  • It is not easy to evaluate the return on investment of each local meetup.
  • It may be difficult to justify why hosting events ‘here’ but not ‘there’.
  • There is always an opportunity cost of not using the budget elsewhere.
  • Yes
  • No

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Can this be used to enable small hackathon as well?
Very pro!


I think it is possible to hold such meetings in large cities or capitals of countries. It would be desirable to have something like a mini hackathon with broadcasts for those people who cannot come.


For sure! It would help SSV connect with local developer communities.

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Cool idea!

What do you both think could be done to introduce the concepts of mini-hackathons?

Ie… Certain challenges that we have running for a set period of time that we offer to these groups?