Efficient Frontier Market Making Weekly Report October 24th

SSV community, find below the market-maker performance update.

The broader market is reeling from Geopolitical tension and widened uncertainty. Crypto has bucked the trend. BTC dominates the positive momentum which has started to trickle down towards Alts.

The big news is that US courts are expected to give a mandate to the SEC regarding the Greyscale ETF (Some anticipating it will be handed down on Friday) paving the way for an BTC ETF approval.

SSV’s price movement has been positive. ~7.00% up in the last 7 days.

A few notes to explain what you are seeing:
• “7d Avg Spread” is the average spread from the best performing spread market (Binance USDT pair).
• “4% Liquidity” is ±2% from midprice liquidity sitting in the books across all exchanges
• In the individual pairs, the “2% Liquidity” is ±1% from the midprice liquidity sitting in that individual pair

Marketshare for the previous week:

Spreads for the previous week.
This is the % of time EF kept spreads from bid-ask at 75bps or better. All over 97% this week.

This does not include liquidity & trading in the V3 pool
Our aim is to continue to incentive volume and sustained trading health in the SSV market.

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@Johnny_Orli_MM @raz-ef thank you very much.

There has recently been a debate in the community about your performance, both on the forum and Discord.

Would you mind chiming in and presenting the community with some data proving your efficiency and performance? Also, please present a plan to improve in case you agree with some of the claims.

Overall, we’d like to see you more active on our Discord and answer to community questions.

Thank you very much!

Hey @BenAffleck, thanks for the feedback and update. We take these claims very seriously and try to achieve and maintain a high standard. I’ll add some extra insight into the concerns raised in the coming days.

I would like to highlight that we facilitate organic trade and provide an optimal environment for trading - we will never participate in manipulating prices and the market dynamics. Our weekly updates highlight that.

Related to Discord, we’ll look to contribute and have more of a presence there, too.

Thanks again.

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Hello @Johnny_Orli_MM,

thanks for your prompt feedback. Everyone is interested in maximum transparency, so we don’t have to rely on trust only.

My job is to represent the needs and concerns of ALL community members, even if it is a minority. That’s why I have conducted a few interviews and collected the following questions, we’d like to get answered, so everyone can look at the data and derive the real picture from it.

  1. Performance Metrics:

    • Can you provide a detailed report on your performance metrics over the past 6 months, instead of just the weekly reports?
    • How do these metrics compare to the benchmarks or standards in the industry, both direct competition and the ETH market?
  2. Delta Neutrality:

    • Can you explain your strategy for maintaining delta neutrality?
    • How frequently do you rebalance to ensure delta neutrality?
    • Can you provide a historical record of your delta exposure over the past 6 months?
  3. Order Flow:

    • Can you provide a breakdown of your order flow? Specifically, how much of the volume is passive vs. aggressive?
    • How do you manage the spread, and what’s the average spread you’ve maintained over the past 6 months?
  4. Inventory Management:

    • How do you manage your inventory of our token?
    • What’s the current inventory?
    • Have there been instances where you faced inventory challenges? If so, how were they addressed?
  5. Transparency and Reporting:

    • What tools could the DAO use to track you activity almost real-time and to proof the datapoints you’ve reported above?
  6. Liquidity Provision:

    • How do you ensure consistent liquidity provision, especially during volatile market conditions?
    • Can you provide data on the depth of the order book over the past 6 month?
  7. Communication:

    • How will you handle communication with the DAO going forward? What’s the frequency, and through which channels?
    • In case of any discrepancies or issues, what’s the escalation process?
  8. Competitive Analysis:

    • How do your services and performance compare to other market makers in the industry?
    • What differentiates you from other market makers?
  9. Future Strategies:

    • Given the current market conditions and our token’s performance, are there any strategies or changes you’re considering for the future?

Thank you very much!


Can you provide us with weekly transaction records? For example, how much do you actively buy and how much do you actively sell? How much passive buying and how much passive selling? Is there a practice of selling high and buying low? What is your weekly plan? You should publish your posts with detailed data every week, instead of some unnecessary and seemingly useless data and weekly news summaries. We have no knowledge of your operations. Please answer the questions in the posts in detail. Thank you

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