dLeaders Marketing Budget Request

This is a proposal to request a $5000 marketing budget from the dLeaders team.

Proposal Details

The dLeaders team has just concluded its longest, most successful marketing campaign: The Merge. This 9-episode Twitter Space series brought SSV significant brand awareness in the Ethereum ecosystem and the general public as a whole in the last 3 months.

The $5000 budget will be used to test new marketing initiatives, and creative campaigns to bring more exposure and ecosystem partnerships to SSV.


  • It will help develop the next marketing campaign
  • A small budget can help test out different initiatives


  • The opportunity cost of not spending the budget on other areas of development
  • Yes
  • No

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I strongly support this and think we should give these funds as soon as possible. Or marketing initiatives have been very successful, and the value we’re getting is huge compared to the cost.


Full support from my side! This is a no-brainer, IMO, since we have had a lot of success with recent activities. Let’s do it.