dLeaders Coordinape Compensation Proposal


For almost a year since its creation, the dMarketing team (now dLeaders) has evolved to be a crucial part of SSV, taking on execution and strategic tasks that help push SSV to develop into what it is today. This is a proposal to initiate compensation for the dLeader’s team member’s work, a stepping stone to formulate a comprehensive SSV DAO contributor compensation & tiering scheme.

Who is in the dLeader team & what do they do?

dLeaders team currently consists of 5 members: Sp00ky, Fod, Taiga, Yorick, and BenAffleck.

They are active ambassadors leading the following SSV DAO working groups:

  • Marketing & Growth
  • Grants Committee
  • Verified Operator Committee
  • The DAO & Community
  • Treasury & Budgeting

Here is more information on the dLeaders team.

Proposal details

To this day, none of the dLeaders team members has received any kind of consistent compensation. Recognising that dLeaders members are an important workforce for the DAO & the significant values they are adding to SSV’s strategy and execution, it is reasonable and sensible for the DAO to compensate for their contributions.

I have conducted a survey with the dLeaders team members to help the DAO find out what would be the optimal compensation for DMarketing members, the results are attached below. Some members do not have a strong opinion on how much they should be compensated, while the general consensus indicates $1500 is the fair minimum. Opinions vary regarding the USDC:SSV ratio.

Note: Taiga did not give his preference over compensation


We would like to propose a total dLeaders team budget of $1,500/head/month, 50% in USDC and 50% in SSV (calculated using 90-day trailing average on the calendar 1st of each month using Binance as a price reference). This concludes with a total budget of $7,500/month ($3,750 in USDC and $3,750 in SSV) for the 5 current dLeaders members. When there’s a new member joining the dLeaders team, $1500 will be added to the total monthly budget and vice versa. Coordinape will be used to decide out of the total budget, how much compensation will each dLeaders member gets based on their contribution to SSV, which can end up being more/less than $1,500. The more value they add to SSV, the larger the slice they can take away from the total budget.


  • dLeaders team has added lots of value to SSV, they should be compensated for their work and continually incentivised to contribute in their spare time.
  • Compensation will give them incentives to continue their high-quality contribution.
  • The cost-to-value ratio for all of the dLeaders is incredibly efficient.
  • It will attract more members to join the dLeaders team if they know they can be compensated, and start to build the funnel of ambassadors and lower trust community members.


  • There is an opportunity cost of not spending the compensation somewhere else, for example, development, grants, and so on.
  • We use experimental tooling, and coordinate to hand out the payments, which may skew compensation drastically within the team.
  • It introduces a paid element into a once ‘for the good of SSV’, which may start to misalign incentives.
  • In favour of this budget proposal
  • Amend the budget amount or USD:SSV ratio
  • Against this budget proposal

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support! Those who contribute to the development of SSV should be rewarded!


I am for the proposal!
I believe that it is very important to support people who have dedicated themselves to the project and have made a great contribution to the development of the project.



I have just edited the post to add the calculation method for SSV portion of the compensation:

“calculated using 90-day trailing average on the calendar 1st of each month using Binance as a price reference”