DAO Genesis - πŸͺ™ DAO Constitution

Hi :wave:,

Attention all members of our DAO! We are proud to announce the first release of our DAO Constitution, a defining document that outlines how we work together as a DAO.

Based on a DAO/Holacracy* hybrid model, this Constitution will guide us in our mission and ensure a transparent and accountable process for decision-making.

*Holacracy is a decentralized management system that replaces traditional hierarchies with self-organizing teams. It allows for more autonomy, collaboration, and flexibility within organizations. The key principles of Holacracy include distributing authority, defining clear roles and responsibilities, and regularly reviewing and adapting processes to improve continuously.

We invite our community to review the Constitution and provide feedback. Please follow the link on our network hub to access the Constitution and share your thoughts on the forum.

DAO Constitution (notion.site)

Feedback asks:

  • Is this a suitable model for us as a DAO?
  • How clear and encouraging is it?
  • What is missing and needs to be improved?

Once we receive enough feedback, we will map the current state of the DAO into the new management model and adjust as needed.

Let’s work together to make our shared vision a reality!



Thanks for putting the time in structuring this @BenAffleck !

How do we ensure we can be flexible with those structures and make sure those guidelines help us instead of burden us?

Also, will this be translated into a proposal token holders vote on?