DAO Genesis - Compensated Contributor Guidelines

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the first draft of our contributor guidelines, which aim to provide a clear and fair framework for appointing individuals who wish to contribute to the ssv.network DAO:

:point_right: Contributor Guidelines

Here’s a good example of a proposal that would benefit (clearer, shorter, faster) from effective guidelines:

:point_right: Developer Evangelist & Integration Specialist & Tokenomics researcher

The guidelines apply to each compensated contributor (contributor) of the DAO, ensuring consistency and fairness throughout the process. We believe that transparency, inclusivity, and diversity are vital for the community to drive the selection of new contributors collectively.

We want to invite all community members to review the guidelines and provide us with feedback. Please feel free to ask any questions or provide any comments you may have.

Thank you,

Ben, on behalf of the dGC


I’d recommend renaming the ‘hiring’ category here on the forum to ‘contributors’, since we’re not truly hiring. In preparation for the DAO foundation, I want to avoid the impression of an employer/employee relationship for this kind of contribution.

Also, we should consider a naming convention to uniquely identify this kind of proposal once it passes snapshot voting. Since SIP is taken for protocol-related improvements, I’d recommend something else. I’ll kick-off the discussion elsewhere.


Should we define a ‘core’ timezone and ask every compensated contributor to have a minimum overlap with that timezone? E.g., suppose the core timezone is set to UTC+0, and the contributor is located in UTC+8. In that case, the contributor should commit to participating in regular meetings, even if that is outside of typical working hours.