DAO Contributor: Proposal for Engagement as a DAO Facilitator and Coordinator extension #1

This proposal suggests extending my engagement as a DAO Facilitator and Coordinator for another 6 months, following the DAO’s compensated contributor guidelines. I aim to enhance DAO dynamics, foster accountability, and drive decentralized decision-making. The objectives are improving collaboration, fostering continuous improvement, and supporting DAO growth. The proposal is valid from January 1st to June 30th, with a monthly compensation rate of $11,500 in SSV and 15’000 USD bonus at the end of the 6-month period. I dedicate approximately 20 hours weekly and regularly report activities and recommendations to the DAO.


About Me

:wave:, my name is Ben (BenAffleck#9383). With a strong presence and extensive involvement in the DAO community for the past two years, I have been actively engaged in various roles and committees. As a DAO ambassador, a member of the DAO genesis committee, a content moderator, and a contributor to various committees such as the verified operator committee and the grants committee, my past contributions can be found across the forum, SSV Network blog, Notion, and Discord. This experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of the DAO’s principles and operations, making me well-positioned to serve as a DAO Facilitator and Coordinator. I am eager to leverage my familiarity with the community and my expertise in facilitating collaboration, low-code automation, and decision-making to further enhance the DAO’s success and growth.


I have dedicated the past few months of my DAO journey to honing my skills as a facilitator and coordinator within dynamic organizational structures. My passion lies in empowering individuals and fostering a culture of autonomy, accountability, and collaboration. I have actively contributed to numerous activities, committees, and working groups, consistently demonstrating my commitment. Some of my notable achievements include:

  • Facilitating the transition towards more self-organizing and decentralized structures, resulting in increased engagement, creativity, and ownership among team members.
  • Coordinating cross-functional initiatives, ensuring effective communication, alignment, and collaboration across departments and stakeholders.
  • Implementing systems and processes that promote transparency, trust, and distributed decision-making, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness within teams.


As a DAO Facilitator and Coordinator, I will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and coordinate the most important circle meetings, ensuring all voices are heard, decisions are made collectively, and actions are documented and followed through. Where not available, I’ll take over the role of a secretary in each circle according to the DAO constitution.
  • Foster a transparency, trust, and accountability culture by creating systems that encourage open communication, information sharing, and feedback loops. This includes the creation of automated workflows and info hubs on the various platforms used by the DAO, e.g., Notion and Monday. My professional background in low-code technology allows me to be highly effective.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive alignment, facilitate decision-making processes, and ensure effective collaboration across circles, especially at the beginning of strategic activities with many unknowns and missing structures.
  • Develop and implement frameworks and processes that enable decentralized decision-making, adaptive planning, and continuous improvement, supporting the various activities as part of the DAO genesis and its successor.

Objectives & H2 2023 Results

Objective 1: Enhance Team Collaboration and Communication

Key Results:

  • Facilitate decision-making and summarize activities in 100% of all cases I engage as a circle’s secretary.
  • Implement information hubs or tools that increase transparency and accessibility of information, resulting in an x% reduction in miscommunication instances.

Results H2 2023: In my role as secretary for various circles, I have established a documentation hub on notion for all members of those circles. Meeting minutes are regularly shared and presented in the form of an action list. Furthermore, I’ve streamlined tracking updates on the various programs on Monday.com. I have acted as the secretary/facilitator in the dGC, VOC, GC, the Multi-Sig, and the SSV Foundation Working Group.

  • Help automate a significant portion of the daily work of a circle in close partnership with the circle’s lead link.

Results H2 2023: I have improved the various automation surrounding the grants program and the various communication templates, taking away a significant load from core contributors.

  • Participate in at least 50% of public community calls and represent the work of the DAO concerning its structure and engagement opportunities.

Results H2 2023: I have participated in community call #4 following the mainnet go-live. During that slot, I presented my work and the evolution of the DAO.

Objective 2: Foster Continuous Improvement

Key Results:

  • Set up regular feedback loops and retrospectives within teams, increasing the number of actionable improvements implemented over six months.
  • Host one monthly governance meeting for the DAO super circle and develop a list of short to mid-term improvements concerning overall collaboration and communication.

Results H2 2023: I have established a weekly sync with representatives from the core team and core contributors, such as the master of coin and the core team DAO relations manager, to discuss strategic directions and high-importance tasks for the DAO. Furthermore, I’m updating the former DAO genesis committee about the progress on a bi-weekly basis. This has resulted in significant improvements in the DAO’s operation.

  • Organize quarterly learning events or workshops to explore emerging trends and best practices in decentralized organizational structures, with at least 80% of participants reporting increased awareness and knowledge.

Results H2 2023: Unfortunately, due to the many parallel strategic initiatives and the time pressure surrounding the mainnet launch, I have been falling short of achieving this goal.

I suggest continuing my work on all of the above objectives, further improving the overall collaboration within the DAO and making sure that more contributors can step up and that there is high awareness and transparency among the various contributors.

Terms of contribution

I shall act under the established compensated contribution guidelines. Logistics and mechanics follow the same guidelines if this proposal does not state otherwise.


This proposal is valid for 6 months, starting from the 1st of January and ending on the 30th of June 2024. During this time, I will dedicate my expertise and energy to contribute to the success of our DAO and its mission.


For my time and effort, I’m asking for a monthly rate of $11’500. All payments will be denominated 100% in SSV based on a 30-day trailing price average calculated on the 1st day of the following month. According to the compensated contributor guidelines, I will not receive any additional compensation from working groups, circles, or committees I work with as part of this mandate.

Any committee compensation (grants committee, multi-sig committee) I have received during the validity period of this proposal and the actual date it passes shall be deducted from my first monthly compensation.

In addition to the monthly compensation, 15’000 USD denominated in SSV based on a 30-day trailing price average calculated on the 1st day of the following month shall be distributed as a bonus, but only if I remain active for the entire duration of this agreement. This incentivizes ongoing commitment and aligns my interests with the long-term success of the DAO.


This is a part-time engagement with an estimated weekly demand of ~20 hours. Over the last three years, I have shown excellent time management and engagement beyond that level in times of high workload or crisis. My primary area and preferred time zone for the length of this engagement are Central Europe and UTC+0, respectively.


I will report the activities I perform per my objectives and responsibilities. Reporting shall be done publicly to the DAO on the forum and a specified DAO advisory or steering board at least every second month. The report should include the main objectives for the upcoming month(s), a recap of the activities worked on in the past month(s), ongoing work, and any side objectives, including recommendations to improve the DAO’s efficiency and governance. These objectives are subject to change based on the DAO’s needs.

Acknowledgment and clarifications

As an applicant for a role within the DAO, I acknowledge and understand the effective compensated contributor guidelines and their impact on my role. I appreciate the DAO’s commitment, and I am aligned with the DAO’s values and mission. I acknowledge that these guidelines can be changed at any time, are subject to the DAO’s voting and consensus process, and that continuous refinement is a key aspect of the DAO’s governance structure.

This engagement is not an employment agreement and does not create an employment relationship. As such, the contributor must cover their own tax, healthcare, and workspace expenses, and they shall not be entitled to any benefits such as a pension or health insurance associated with an employment relationship.

The contributor warrants that all activities in the context mentioned in this proposal shall be put to the service of the DAO and the ssv.network and not to any of its members to whom the contributor has no direct relationship or obligation. The contributor does not have the power to commit on behalf of the DAO and shall not present themselves as having such power.


Thank you for considering my proposal. I am available for further discussions at your convenience. I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate to achieve our DAO’s objectives.


This is a pivotal role coordinating and bridging the various committees of the DAO, and Ben has proven to be absolutely competent to meet the duties of this role.

Fully in support of this proposal!


Ben has been a huge asset to the SSV community and I have no doubt he has been instrumental in its growth. Continued success of SSV will require well-organized DAO operations. I’m in support of this proposal.


:vertical_traffic_light:Voting is now open: https://snapshot.org/#/mainnet.ssvnetwork.eth/proposal/0xde70655c961459dfc53ff4cb7fd562992b4ac6cea278d4a1382c3673232db4cb