DAO Genesis - 🎯 Vision & Purpose

Hi :wave:

As lead of the DAO Genesis program, I’m thrilled the announce the release of our DAO’s ‘Vision and Purpose’ statement, as planned and outlined in the DAO genesis proposal.

This statement outlines our mission, values, and aspirations for the future. We invite the community to join us in shaping our vision by providing valuable feedback and insights.

Please follow the link on our network hub to access the statement and share your thoughts here on the forum.

DAO Vision & Purpose (notion.site)

Feedback asks:

  • Do you share this Vision & Purpose?
  • How clear and encouraging is it?
  • What is missing and needs to be improved?

Let’s work together to make our shared vision a reality!



I think this is my favorite line “Distributed Ethereum validator, run by many vulnerable by none.”

Our sole focus should be to help the greater ethereum vision, that’s the real story behind DVT.

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