Creating a naming convention for proposals: [DIP-0]

Summary of Proposal

To create a standardized naming system for proposals that pass their temperature check.

Proposal Details

After a proposal passes the ‘temperature check’, that is, the non-token vote done here on Discourse, or there was substantial discussion within the DAO, it is assigned a ‘DIP’ (DAO Improvement Proposal).

For consideration, we suggest a simple convention of:

DIP-1, DIP-2, and so forth.

Example: [DIP-3] Quorum Proposal

Also, along with the naming convention, we’ll implement the DIP (DAO Improvement Proposal) category here on the forum. Each proposal assigned a DIP will be moved to that category for easy lookup and to separate substantial changes from minor discussions.

Motivation for Proposing

As the DAO matures, it deserves a more structured approach to its discussion of proposals. Therefore we believe we can take a very basic yet high-value step to implement a naming convention.

Reasons supporting the proposal

  1. Low-effort implementation
  2. Each proposal will have a clear reference

Reasons against the proposal

  1. You dislike structure


  • Yes to [DIP-0]
  • Abstain
  • No to [DIP-0]
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