How to Participate in Governance (Everyone can do it)

What is the Forum for

  • The forum is for all community members to propose to the DAO suggestions and ideas across multiple categories
  • The forum serves as initial ‘temperature-checking’ for proposals that want to be voted on in Snapshot.

How often should you check the forum

  • At the current stage, we recommend checking twice a week, or at least once a week if you are very busy to stay on top of all suggestions being made to the DAO.

How to turn on notifications for new forum posts

  1. Click on your profile picture on the top right
  2. Click on “Preferences” in the user drop-down menu
  3. Add DAO proposal categories to your watchlist, and click “Save Changes” at the bottom

Turn on desktop notifications

  1. Select “Notification” in the menu on the left under User Preferences
  2. Click on “Enable Notification” to allow desktop notification from your browser
    Here you can also set up notification schedules and other personal preferences

Turn on Email notifications

  1. Select “Emails” in the menu on the left under User Preferences
  2. For the second option select “always” in order to receive email notifications for all proposals you are watching
    Here you can also set up other preferences regarding email notifications

How to use the forum to stay on top of the DAO progress

  • Checking the forum at least once a week
  • Read through the proposals and their comments
  • Comment your suggestions and questions for the proposal owner
  • Vote on proposals you think are worth being implemented
  • Make your own proposal and lead the DAO toward greatness

Access the forum

Navigate the Forum home page
1 - Click to return to this page when navigating the forum
2 - Discourse settings
3 - Search any topics in the forum
4 - filter the topics by category, posting date, engagement, or view all categories
5 - Post a new topic! Propose to the community and get feedback
6 - SSV DAO guidelines to read before participating

Create Proposals
SIP: Guideline for writing proposals

  1. Click on “+ New Topic”
  2. In the popped up window enter information about the proposal
    a. Titles - Title of the proposal
    b. Info - category of the proposal
    c. Body - type or paste the body of your proposal (we suggest typing it in other applications and paste it here), and add a vote at the bottom if you want the proposal to be voted on Snapshot after passing the temperature check in the forum
    4. Click “Create Topic” once you are done and it will be posted on the forum

SIP-structured proposal example

After posting a proposal

  • Stay on top of the comments area of your proposal, hear feedback from other community members and reply to their questions
  • Discuss in Discord with other community members regarding your proposal in #proposal-discussion
  • If you would like the proposal to be voted on to be implemented, the vote at the bottom of the proposal needs to be passing a certain threshold

If your proposal did not pass the temperature check, you can:

  • Modify the proposal based on community feedback, then post a new proposal
  • Give up (not recommended)