Awesome-SSV overhaul grant proposal [dev resources]

Summary of Proposal
The goal of this proposal is to do a overhaul of awesome-ssv repository to be up to date and cover all resources that might be useful to a developer building a staking application on top of SSV.

Proposal Details
awesome-ssv repository is a go to place for developers where they should be able to find all the relevant developer resources and repositories that may be helpful to them on their development journey.
This resource is not currently up to date and this proposal aims to update it.


  • Update of all the main sections, listing developer resources.
  • Editing sections to reflect the current state all the tools.
  • Removing sections to reflect the current state all the tools.
  • Adding new sections - There have been many grantees / ecosystem participants in the past months who have created completely new tools & repositories that are useful for the whole ecosystem and should be included.
  • Updating Tutorials section

Requested Funding

5000 USD

I request the funds to be paid either SSV based on the latest price before payment or USDC.

Reasons for DAO to support the proposal

  • Removing blockers for new developers start developing staking apps
  • Saving development time for grantees by providing them with a clear map of all developer resources they might find useful on their journey.
  • Having a Schelling point for developers, one go to place where they can find all they can need on their development journey.
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