Adding Tim Beiko as a multisig signer

Proposal Overview

We propose to add Tim Beiko, from the Ethereum Foundation, as the 7th signer for the DAO’s multisig wallet.


The DAO’s multisig committee serves as the gatekeepers for the DAO’s funds and execution privileges. They are responsible to validate, verify and execute proposals passed by the community.

As gatekeepers, having a diverse, independent and technically savvy group of signers is important. As such, public figures in the ethereum community are a perfect fit.

About Tim

Tim Beiko is the facilitator for the Ethereum AllCoreDevs calls, where potential changes to the Ethereum protocol are discussed, decided and rolled out. Aside from that, he spends his spare time working with a small number of projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Prior to this, he worked for ConsenSys as a Senior Product Manager on their Ethereum client, Hyperledger Besu.
Twitter account


Tim will be added as signer number 7.

Tim will use his public ENS address on the multisig, timbeiko.eth, or 0x10F5d45854e038071485AC9e402308cF80D2d2fE.

On approval, the existing multisig committee will each sign an approval transaction to add Tim to the signer list.

The final signer threshold will be 4-out-of-7.


Hi all :wave:

Excited to be here! I’m very interested in projects which can help staking on Ethereum be more decentralized one way or another. As Alon mentioned, I spend most of my time running the Ethereum AllCoreDevs calls. This means my bandwidth to actively engage with projects is limited, but I do have a good view of how the Ethereum protocol is evolving and am always available to help make sure that this project stays aligned with Ethereum and is in a position to be ready for any incoming changes.



Welcome Tim Beiko, we are very happy to see support for ssv from Ethereum Foundation .


Welcome Tim Beiko.It is good for ssv.