Valid Blocks - DAO Partner Program

Proposal overview

This proposal is an extension of the DAO Partner Program proposal (submitted Oct. 1st 2021). Valid Blocks is proposing to be added to batch #2 of the program.


Valid Blocks is proposing to purchase 4,850.44 SSV tokens (for 60,000 USDC) at the ‘batch 2’ reference price of 12.37 USD per 1 SSV.


At Valid Blocks, we firmly believe that the word “staking” will become a lot more popular in the near future. Everybody will learn about the benefits of PoS Blockchains and the disruption they bring to the global financial system.

Blockchains allow us to offer staking services in a non-custodial manner, which enables the participants to have true ownership.

People have forgotten what it’s like to own something. True ownership comes hand in hand with responsibility. For those who understand this, it generates a real issue: “How can I make my assets work for me, with the minimum amount of risk?”

SSV Network is a breath of fresh air in the blockchain panorama, bringing non-custodial validation services for people that wish to mitigate risks by delegating to more than one operator. The decentralization result is also extremely beneficial!

Since the benefits of SSV Network align perfectly with our reasons for joining this space - offering Non-Custodial staking services to big and SMALL investors - we would be honored to join the DAO Partner Program.

As DAO Partners, we want to support the SSV Network first with Ethereum 2.0 and later with other chains, since we strongly believe there will not be just one blockchain to rule them all in the end, but rather a combination of interoperable blockchains that will serve all types of needs.

Our work in other blockchains such as Solana, Elrond, etc., consists in bringing other Staking Providers on board, educating our community (on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, etc.) through initiatives such as #elrondTalks YouTube series and simply being an ACTIVE member in the community.

“Passive income” is often used to describe staking rewards, but this should only be the case for delegators. As Staking Providers, in this case, node operators, we should be the community’s most ACTIVE members!

About us

Our validator journey started back in 2018, with the Game of Stakes (GoS) competition that tested the security of Cosmos’ Byzantine-Fault-Tolerance (BFT) based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Over the course of more than 2 months, we have learned that our previous experience in software and hardware is a precious ally in the blockchain validation world.

As private investors in the Elrond Network, we have always had a close connection with the team. The constantly increasing development pace was truly inspiring. After setting up the very first community for Elrond Validators (on RIOT), we have been an active part on each release, with high results in the Battle of Nodes events. The successful mainnet launch in July 2020 was a huge milestone for us, as it marked the beginning of Valid Blocks, as a staking provider.

In parallel, we explored other blockchain projects, like Solana, as early as Tour-de-Sol2 (February 2020) and ended up validating on Solana Mainnet.

We are always on the lookout for new validation opportunities. The blockchain space is still in its very early stages, and we are here to help everyone make the most of their crypto assets, by running validation services for big and SMALL investors.

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Buying on Binance now is cheaper (under $9). Is there any reason to buy with Dao Partner?

Thank you for your question!

We feel we belong here, since our values align with SSV Network’s values.
After missing batch#1 by little over a week, there’s really no point in waiting.

This is just a natural step forward, and being a DAO Partner is worth more than the money spent.

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This is a great proposal!


@EddieNuta this is an amazing approach to life, crypto and how to be a member of a community.
We are privileged to have you as members of this community!


@EddieNuta Thanks for all your work! Great proposal.
Voting goes live today: SSV.Network proposal: Valid Blocks - DAO Partner Program (

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