Delta Blockchain Fund - DAO Proposal

Delta Blockchain Fund – DAO Proposal

This proposal is about introducing Delta Blockchain Fund and expressing its interest, highlighting its ambitions on why the team is motivated in embarking on SSV’s Network journey.

Proposal Overview
This proposal is an extension of the DAO Partner Program proposal, submitted on October 1st. The DAO Partner Program proposal suggests adding new partners to the SSV Network in order to expand the community and for new partners to add strategic value to enrich the ambitions of the SSV Network. Delta Blockchain Fund hereby submits a proposal on becoming a new partner of the SSV Network and participating in the first batch of the DAO Partner Program.

The SSV Network, composed of several strong members with proven track records in the Ethereum community is building a tool to ease the friction in running and managing a validator note while being true to its core of decentralization - the base infrastructure for the ecosystem. The staking market is currently fragmented, facing several issues such as security concerns (e.g. Stakewise disclosed vulnerabilities in staking protocols Lido and Rocket Pool), high barriers of entry for solo stakers, a very difficult process of getting on board and staying updated. SSV Network has a clear path on how it’s looking to tackle these fragmentations in the market with its solution of solving truly decentralized secure staking with a very frictionless system to have stakers onboard. With the value SSV is creating, Delta would like to bring some of the largest validation node stakers and new projects to the SSV Network and further, contribute the knowledge it has gathered since the very beginning of Ethereum and onboard its wide network to seamlessly stake and secure the Ethereum network.

The DAO partner program’s aim is to continue to strengthen the network of SSV by onboarding new partners that can be truly strategic players, which Delta Blockchain has to offer. Therefore, Delta Blockchain fund is proposing to purchase SSV tokens equivalent to $221’000 in ETH or USDC at the batch reference price of $6.19 per 1 SSV. The price for 1 SSV token is deducted from the DAO’s calculation table.

About Delta Blockchain & Team
The fund is an early-stage strategic blockchain fund, founded by Kavita Gupta in September 2021. It is a global fund with an ambition to be an ecosystem builder & connecter, driven by being a truly strategic partner for extraordinary founders & communities in the blockchain space from day 0 on. The core team – Kavita Gupta and Daniel Novy are continuing the tradition of supporting Ethereum since 2015 from the Ethereum foundation level to starting and investing early as a general partner and co-founder of Consensys Ventures and Tachyon accelerator- the first-ever blockchain-driven accelerator in the space. The team combines its web 2.0 background of World Bank IFC, McKinsey with web 3.0 experience from Consensys.

Delta’s team, specifically Kavita, has previously been involved in several blockchain projects since 2013, investing super early and a lot of times as the first investor in projects including Starkware, Polygon, Quantstamp, BlockFi, Sorare,, PDAX, Bank Juno, etc., amongst many. As an ecosystem fund- our team of 5, is also building a big research arm to support and push the limit of the current research. Kavita and Daniel built one of the 1st deep Ethereum developer courses for engineers back in 2018 supported by Consensys and Ethereum Foundation and under the Delta umbrella, we will be pushing and supporting an academy over the next 6 months to bring in a lot of amazing talent in the space. Our deep expertise in the Ethereum ecosystem will be able to aid the SSV Network on any upcoming issues related to the development, adoption, marketing, partnerships, etc. of SSV.

Delta Blockchain Fund is global with partners based in the US, Latin America, India, and Europe, aiming to be a truly global partner with access to a deep entrepreneurial, technical and institutional network across the globe which we would love to bring in for the SSV Networks community.

We look forward to any feedback & questions from the DAO if any!

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