Lead Capital - DAO Proposal

Proposal Overview

The proposal is an extension of the DAO Partner Program proposal (submitted Oct. 1st 2021). We propose to add Lead Capital to batch #1 of the program.

Lead Capital is proposing to purchase the amount of SSV tokens equal to $200k at the batch 1 reference price of 6.19 USD per SSV.

The purpose of joining the partnership is to help expand the community since we’ve followed the SSV network for a long time and are attracted by its promising protocol. The idea of “sharing” is the major concept in staking protocol. Since what really matters in the blockchain is decentralization, it is important to have consensus among users. Therefore, as our deep insights and resources in trading and communities, we would love to help enlarge the engagement for SSV as a strategic partner.

Vision for SSV Network
POS is no doubt to be the future of the crypto world and so is Ethereum. What SSV does corresponds to our expectations of decentralization and fair concept in the blockchain. We are always trying to improve the blockchain industry. Many of our team members participate actively in the crypto market as investors, stakers and validators. Accordingly, we are looking forward to our involvement with the SSV network becoming the leading staking protocol in the near future.

About Lead Capital
Lead Capital is a top-notch venture capital focusing on investing and trading in the crypto market. We are within a complete blockchain ecosystem based in Taiwan: the legal fiat to crypto exchange with the highest regulation – ACE Exchange, the one-stop service for enterprises to incubate blockchain projects – Asia Blockchain Accelerator(ABA), and Taiwan’s first integrated blockchain media with ABM media, and on/off-line communities – Asia Blockchain Media(ABM).

Lead Capital aims to cooperate with institutional investors and helps enlarge the blockchain industry as a leading hedge fund. For one thing, with our professional and creditable trading team and researchers, we provide exclusive portfolio management and liquidity solutions for individuals and institutions. For another, within the complete blockchain ecosystem based in Taiwan and offices in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Vietnam, we believe that we are able to help connect to more influencers and communities for promoting the blockchain universe.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Capital1Lead
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Any website?
Twitter has 13 Followers.
How can you help SSV Network as a Dao Partner?
The influence of your team on the Crypto market seems very small.

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It seems that the SSV trading pair has not been launched on your platform?

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Our website is under maintenance now. It will be announced as soon as it can!
Our Twitter has only started for a short period but our community has long worked in Taiwan within our blockchain ecosystem! We’d love to enlarge the community and SSV exposure in Taiwan :slight_smile:
Welcome to follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

Yes and we’re now working on it :slight_smile:

Hello all, thanks for the feedback and we’re now starting the vote:
Hope we would be able to join the program and bring benefits to the SSV community together!