SSV x HAL grant proposal [Alerting & Notifications]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request on 2022-09-21:

HAL - Alerting & Notifications

Total grant: $40,110.00

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 50% SSV and 50% USDC tokens based on a 90-day moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

SSV price: $9.85883 (2022-09-12) for upfront payment.
Amount SSV: 779.96 (rounded) as upfront payment
Amount USDC: $7,689.50 as upfront payment

Verified Payment Address: Ethereum Verified Signed Message

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grant Committee

Hal [Alerting & Notifications]

Want to update you on the status of the grant to integrate Hal Notifications into the SSV protocol.

Hal has built a custom Notify Recipes for SSV that allows SSV users to automatically monitor and get custom notifications for protocol specific events.

Of the three activities detailed in the spec, all are completed and running in production

  • Custom development of recipes - Done
  • Hal Engine licence for SSV - running in production, ongoing out the grant timeframe
  • Maintenance and monitoring - ongoing out the grant timeframe

The main work was in create the custom recipes for SSV use-cases.
Allowing the user to directly set up the notifications for the use cases they care about and get notified over the channel they choose. The available notifications for the SSV recipes will be:

  • Operational runway recipe, enabling users to receive their operational runway (expressed in days) both periodically or based on a defined threshold, defined as “accountBalance / accountBurnRate”.
  • Operator Fees Change recipe, enabling users to be notified once an operator either declares a change of fee or executes it. We would get the operator list when the user sets up the notification (meaning that if they change operators, they would have to re-create such a recipe to update the list).
  • Network Fee Change recipe, enabling users to be notified when the network fee change was updated.
  • Liquidation Notification recipe, enabling users to be notified once they got liquidated.
  • Operator Removed recipe, enabling users to be notified when an operator is removed

Recipe specific links
Track liquidation -
Track operation runway by threshold -
Track operator fee change -
Track network fee change -
Track operation runway periodically -
Track Operator removed -

Here is a short video showcasing the use of these recipes.
SSV track operator fee change - SSV Track Operator Fee Change - YouTube
SSV track operational runway - SSV Track Operational Runway - YouTube

We hope this will be a great addition to the growing SSV ecosystem and please reach out to me with any questions or comments.


Hi everybody, just to followup and confirm that, as decided on Discord, we are happy to extend the service of this payment/grant scope from “1 year” to “1 year from when SSV will go live in mainnet”.
HAL’s cofounder