Request for prizes for Defi Prague workshop

I have a workshop as a part of Defi Prague 2023 event from which every participants will walk away with launched LSD pool.
The idea is, to let people work on this basic pool they have built over the full event(for 2 more days) and then present their solution via Github and Twitter with tags #decentralizedLSD, @ssv_network. We then pick prize recipiants. 1. winner 25 SSV (picked by the DAO) 2. winner 25 SSV (picked by community) (measured by twitter likes).

The expected outcome is to gain good marketing exposure and new potential teams building on ssv.

I ask the DAO to provide the prizes mentioned above for the participants.


Dear @markoInEther,

this is an excellent idea and a quick win. The DAO has some funds left in the dMarketing treasury, which we can use for this kind of activity.

Total budget = 50 SSV

Please post details, progress, and winners in this thread and coordinate with the marketing team to make some buzz.

Thank you very much, and good luck at DeFi Prague!