Efficient Frontier Market Making Weekly Report December 5th

OKX listed perpetuals for SSV and the price has surged 50.8% in the last 14 days.

  • SSV has been pretty flat in the last 7 days. We, Efficient Frontier, have added support levels and are continuing to help propagate the growth.
  • Efficient Frontier has increased our market share and traded volume in SSVs most traded markets (Example: OKX SSV/USDT & Binance SSV/USDT)

A few notes to explain what you are seeing:
• “7d Avg Spread” is the average spread from the best performing spread market (Binance USDT pair).
• “4% Liquidity” is ±2% from midprice liquidity sitting in the books across all exchanges
• In the individual pairs, the “2% Liquidity” is ±1% from the midprice liquidity sitting in that individual pair

  • We continue to increase our market share and traded volumes. Volumes for SSV have been impressive and we’ll continue to fight for increased market share (The image below is the last 7 days and shows further improvement from last weeks report).
  • A sneak peak for next week is that our market share has increased in the last 24hrs to 2.18% on Binance (SSV/USDT) and 2.32% (SSV/USDT) on OKX - We aim to maintain (approximately) this market share.

Spreads for the previous week.

  • This is the % of time EF kept spreads from bid-ask at 75bps or better. EFs uptime is much better than last weeks ~96+%

    This does not include liquidity & trading in the V3 pool
    Our aim is to continue to incentive volume and sustained trading health in the SSV market.