Efficient Frontier Market Maker Weekly Report

SSV Community find attached 2 images with the first week’s market-maker performance.

-The first image is a very simple marketshare summary that EF has in the different pairs we are trading.

-The second image is the amount of uptime EF has maintained 0.75% bid-ask spread on the pairs (that is, 0.375% from mid price)

Other exchange updates

  • We have also added depth into both the cefi pairs, as well as the this primary V3 pool Uniswap Info
  • We are working on the plan for optimizing BUSD. Will have an update next report.
  • We will be there to support the Kucoin listing and market make here from tomorrow.

It was a very volatile week however overall positive for SSV. The SEC going after Kraken & Staking in American was negative for most tokens, however positive for you (also Lido and RPL). There has been a lot of volatility due to the SEC going after BUSD & Paxos, and the CPI report on Tuesday.

Our aim is to continue to incentive volume and sustained trading health in the SSV markets.


Thanks for the transparency. Given the historical market health, I’d certainly consider an 80% of uptime on that spread a successful start.