[DIP-14] Permissionless Mainnet Upgrade


This proposal aims to transition the SSV mainnet into a permissionless network by removing the current limitation that restricts the onboarding of validators and operators only to mainnet launch partners.

The ssv.network DAO seeks to reach a decision that will allow it to immediately enable permissionless access to the network for validators, while permissionless access for operators will be added at a later date. Although added at a later date, this proposal includes the method to enable permissionless access to the network for operators and will not require a new DAO proposal.


Turning the ssv.network into a permissionless network will promote greater participation by stakers, staking applications, and operators, thereby expediting the growth of the SSV network and widespread adoption of DVT within the Ethereum staking ecosystem.

This milestone signifies the culmination of the mainnet rollout plan and embodies the fulfillment of the SSV protocol’s vision as an open DVT network accessible to all.


The transition to a permissionless network will unfold in two phases by deploying a new version of the contract (further referred to as ‘upgrade’):

Phase 1: Enabling permissionless access for validators

This upgrade will allow for unrestricted access to the ssv.network for validators.

As of the passing of this proposal, the first phase of the permissionless mainnet upgrade is set to take effect immediately, following the execution of a series of upgrade steps by the ssv.network DAO Multi-Sig Committee:

  • Upgrade of the SSVNetwork smart contract deployed at 0xDD9BC35aE942eF0cFa76930954a156B3fF30a4E1 to the v1.0.0-rc3 contract.

Phase 2: Enabling permissionless access for operators

This upgrade will allow for unrestricted access to the ssv.network for operators and includes the upgrade of the following smart contracts to v1.0.2:

  • SSVNetwork (0xDD9BC35aE942eF0cFa76930954a156B3fF30a4E1)

  • SSVNetworkViews (0xafE830B6Ee262ba11cce5F32fDCd760FFE6a66e4)

The upgrade to these contracts will include the following changes:

  • Removal of the registration restriction for operators, allowing anyone to onboard operators.

  • Support for in-protocol validator exits to enable stakers to utilize their cluster operators to exit their validators from the Beacon Chain.

  • Bug fixes to issues identified throughout ssv.network DAO’s bug bounty program.

  • Changes noted by the audit provided by Quantstamp, as per the audit report here. The audit has been completed for all previous bullet point items.

The execution of the phase 2 upgrade will happen once the ssv.network DAO Multi-Sig Committee has ensured the adequate safety and operationality of the ssv.network, and proper stress testing was done by all involved parties. Once this is ensured, the ssv.network DAO Multi-Sig Committee will execute the upgrade for phase two and complete the transition to a permissionless mainnet.


happy to see the proposal. btw, I think we need have a community call to

  1. celebrate the moment
  2. share more about the future plan esp. dev stuff or something else.

We should hold some community events so that everyone can celebrate this critical moment together


I’d love to see some integration here with all the Verified Operator work that’s been done.

when poll it on snapshoot ?

We should speed up the rollout of the unrestricted main network, which is also a welcome news

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This is part of the work that will be done by the VOC once instantiated.

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Very soon, potentially this week.

Voting is now open. :vertical_traffic_light:

[DIP-14] Permissionless Mainnet Upgrade