[DIP-9] Verified Operator Committee Extension


The Verified Operators Committee (VOC) has been providing a very important role and quite a bit of value to the SSV Network and the SSV DAO as a whole. As many more individuals and entities recognize the value of the SSV Network, the VOC will have an even more important role, and the DAO will benefit greatly by extending the VOC mandate and budget to allow the VOC to continue in streamlining operator verification and greatly reducing the overhead compared to individual operators proposing to the DAO to be verified.

The initial proposal can be found here.

Proposal particulars

This proposal aims to replace the initial proposal and:

  1. Extend the budget for the VOC;
  2. Extend the timeframe for which the VOC is established;
  3. Establish a method for the VOC members to admit new and discharge existing members and structure their internal rules;
  4. Set compensation for VOC members;

VOC Responsibilities

Recapping on the call-for-applications document, the responsibilities of the VOC will be to:

  • Design a framework that makes it a straightforward process to become a verified operator, including clear and meaningful benchmarks to help evaluate applicant suitability.
  • Ensure that the quality of operators continues to be of a high standard throughout their operations (e.g. reliability, performance).
  • Standardize a process so that operators who do not consistently meet a specific list of criteria can be identified, warned, and, if necessary, removed from the Verified Operators list.
  • Assess incoming verification requests on an ongoing basis, evaluating against the established framework and providing approval or feedback. Report periodically to the broader community on work progress and deliverables.

VOC Budget Extension

The VOC proposes that the DAO allocate to the VOC a budget of 6.000 SSV. The budget is intended for the facilitation of the duties of the VOC, such as, but not limited to, the development of tools for operators, hiring experts for the VOC, and service providers that the VOC might need.

The VOC Budget, or lack of any such Budget, does not affect the mandate of the VOC.

For the avoidance of doubt, the VOC Budget is unrelated to the VOC member’s compensation mentioned below.

VOC Timeframe Extension

The VOC proposes that the DAO extend the operation timeframe of the VOC for an indefinite amount of time.

VOC Members

This proposal proposes that the new members of the VOC will be:

  • GBeast (discord: gbeast.eth) 0x6210477B3025BF5ea50A35D39e7D2875dC11661c
  • Marc (discord: marc_blockshard) 0x8b529eF78046008f9d1FbC91c7407030De96EE32
  • markoInEther (discord: markoinether) 0x32ebAf9ea4063d911222407838E15E3a5027A638
  • Metanull (discord: metanull) 0x6d749787e410e609f3FE8E0dc8351D2314E3A344
  • Blox representative 0x935Cea9196a22E59934Aa036143dEDA0e482f3E4

As of the passing of this proposal, the individuals mentioned above will become members of the VOC.

VOC Member Admittance and Discharge

The VOC proposes that the DAO allow the VOC the following method for member admittance and discharge, which would allow for a much more efficient VOC and reduce member-related DAO proposal overhead:

Replacing one existing member with another can be done by a ⅔ majority of the members of the Committee, subject to informing the community at least seven (7) days prior to such a vote, thus allowing the community to express its non-binding will.

If a member of the committee informs the Committee about their wish to be discharged from the Committee, a replacement can be voted in by a simple majority. The validity of such a vote is subject to informing the community no more than seven (7) days after the vote on its results.

A DAO’s vote for replacing, adding, or discharging a member or amending the structure of the committee is binding and overrides any decision made by the Committee.

VOC Member Compensation

The VOC proposes that the DAO compensate each member of the VOC in the amount of 1.500 USD per member per month, denominated in SSV. If the price of SSV were to drop below 10 USD per SSV, the committee members would only be compensated as if the price of SSV were 10 USD per SSV.


What processes or outputs are currently in place, or will be put in place, for users to evaluate/assess the value the VOC brings to the SSV Network?

It doesn’t have to be numbers, stories (qualitative data) would also be good. Ideally it’s a combination.

It’s a good question. Right now all the work seems to have been preliminary. A number of VOs have been verified, but the practical results are not clear. The average user would have to dig to find out which operators are verified, and which are not. I’m certain there must be plans to change that soon, and the results will be more visible.

Voting is now open. :vertical_traffic_light:

[DIP-9] Verified Operator Committee Extension

Would be good to consider how to measure the value, especially as it’s mentioned in the opening statement of the proposal.

But understand that a lot of things are at the start and processes will be set up over time.