Suspicious SSV Holders

I’ve identified some questionable ssv holders in the bounty table. I want to share these with you.

I will write down the suspicious wallets I have identified in detail.

Lets start.


Let’s start with this wallet.

There are 500 ssv in total in this wallet address.
and this wallet was last traded 119 days ago.

i.e. the testnet hasn’t made any transactions since the beginning.

When we look at the reward table, we see that this wallet has 39k ssv?

There were no 39k ssv in this wallet.
But since the first round it always seems to have 39k ssv.

Let’s move on to the Second Wallet


There are no ssv in this wallet. and a total of 3 transactions were made with this wallet. 113 days ago.

When we look at the prize table, we see that this wallet address did not participate in the first 3 rounds and received an award from the last 2 rounds.

There have never been 32k ssv at this wallet address. but it seems there are 4-5 rounds in the prize table.


There are about 6k ssv in this wallet address. and the last transaction was made 155 days ago.

When we look at the reward table, we see that the owner of this wallet has 25k ssv.


The last transaction was made with this wallet 60 days ago. and there are no ssv.
In the award table, it seems that he has received awards from the last 2 rounds. 16k ssv owner.


Below is a list of wallet addresses that looked suspicious above.
I think the rewards for these wallet addresses are miscalculated.

Please review and recalculate.

List of suspicious wallets above:


Kind regards.

Thanks for investigating for more potential abuse, but in these cases, I think everything is fine. Many people that are funding partners of SSV have their tokens locked up in a vesting contract. In these cases, their wallets do not show their possession. Part of the incentivized testnet rewards program was to allow these people to participate, counting their locked SSV as if they already held it. So the addresses you see that don’t have any SSV or were counted as having more than they currently hold are almost certainly just some of the partners. Without cross-checking every address, I know that at least some of those are owned by partners. If anyone feels like they need to verify this, I think all the addresses should be listed on the DAO multi-sig transaction history.

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It’s true what you said.
But is there a text where the addresses of the partners are shared?
Or some info on how much ssv is locked into the contract.
There are actually users holding 40k ssv.
And these people cannot know that these wallet addresses belong to the partners.

I think these wallet addresses should be laundered.
Which wallet addresses are locked and how much ssv should be reported transparently.

Otherwise, this situation creates a suspicion.
My suggestion is that you share these wallets and if there are more partners share them as well.

Otherwise, a user who has 500 ssv in their wallet has 30k ssv in the rewards table, it doesn’t make any sense. And it requires recalculation of rewards.

I understand the potential for confusion, but in my opinion, it’s fine for now. Everyone’s own calculation should be correct, and the partners themselves are aware that their SSV holdings aren’t reflected by the amount in their wallet. If there is suspicion from the community or elsewhere, anyone can easily be pointed to the partner addresses on the DAO treasury transaction spreadsheet that @SpookyG did a great job creating: SSV DAO treasury - Google Sheets
@SpookyG, please let us know if there are better documents for this :slight_smile:


Yeah these are the vested SSV tokens for partners. You can figure out who the individual addresses belong to by going through the google sheet @fod linked and checking transaction data… All transactions from the partner program are listed in the “Outgoing Tx” section, as well as their names and amounts.

I agree we should maybe make a separate list of vested SSV holders so this information is easier to find :+1: