Incentivized Mainnet Program - Distributions

The Incentivized Mainnet Program was proposed and passed by the SSV DAO on 6th November 2023 through a Snapshot vote.

This thread will be used to post the reward distribution calculations for each round. The SSV community and DAO will then check the calculations are accurate and distribute rewards accordingly.

I’m Eridian and I’m the Mainnet Incentivization Administrator. I am a contributor to the SSV DAO and participate on the SSV Grants Committee. The calculations used for this program are all open source and can be reproduced by anyone using this repo GitHub - bloxapp/ssv-rewards. I encourage the community to check the results and if you have any questions or concerns, please respond in this thread or contact me directly on Discord or Telegram: @EridianAlpha

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2023-10 Rewards Distribution

The first rewards distribution calculations have been created! I appreciate everyone’s patience while this first set of calculations was being created. There were improvements made to the calculations repo which required testing and validating, which slightly delayed this first rewards distribution.

In future rounds, the reward calculations will aim to be posted per the initial proposal “Rewards for each round would be distributed by the end of the 2nd week following the end of the previous round”.

Calculation Repo: GitHub - bloxapp/ssv-rewards

ETH Staking APR: 3.820%

  • 30-day trailing average on 1st October 2023
  • rewards.yaml: eth_apr: 0.03820 # ETH Staking APR as a decimal fraction
  • Input in

SSV/ETH Ration: 0.0095419

Files: Rewards-2023-10 - Google Drive