Stereum Integration

Stereum formally requests a grant from the Blox community to fund our efforts to integrate and maintain the Blox SSV implementation in the next 6 months.

Stereum’s features include (incomplete list, for more information visit

  • UI to lessen the technical burden & quickly install and configure an Ethereum node, being able to choose from 4 beacon chain clients (lodestar will rejoin soon as 5th)
  • UI to handle the configuration of said node, including monitoring (Grafana + dashboards), basic OS maintainance and config import/export (encrypted)
  • Supports use of multiple beacon nodes & failover eth1 functionality (use multiple ETH1 node urls, organize by priority)
  • OpenSource - on Additionally, Stereum’s launcher & underlying software just finished a security audit by sba-research and important vulnerabilities fixed at the time of writing
  • A mobile app is in it’s final stage before release to enable remote notifications (e. g. Grafana alerts pop up on your smart phone) at the time of writing
  • Short release cycle of 2 weeks (critical fixes get released faster of course)

Stereum offers to Blox SSV community:

  • Make Blox SSV a selectable option for all supported client setups. Setup process of eth1, eth2 & SSV operator node within Stereum with UI Wizard & UI Control Center
  • Adapting to new versions & features of Blox SSV
  • Add Grafana dashboards to view metrics of SSV service
  • Blox SSV service focused setup (no validator service of client teams, optional geth)
  • Advanced ssv key management:
    • Automated generation of operator keys
    • Including operator keys in config import/export process
    • Migrate operator keys to new node
    • Registar operator & validators (also including changing operator name, operator keys, operator fees):
      • Using Stereum app & MetaMask (interacting with smart contract)
      • Using official website
  • Overview of validator keys staking on this operator with various information (depending on availability of API)
  • Support on Discord to Stereum users running Blox SSV
  • Support of testnet(s) of Blox SSV
  • Benefits of future Stereum features

The requested grant amount totals EUR 42k - for 6 months of development, testing, server cost & bug reporting. Payment 1/3 upfront, 1/3 after 3 months, 1/3 at the end of 6th month.


Great initiative! I think this can greatly reduce setup complexity for new operators


I’ve used Stereum in the past and I think it’s a great initiative. However, I can’t help but think that the grant FIAT amount is inflated.

I think it could be interesting to partially fund grants with the native SSV token to:

  1. Incentivize contributors to work on top of SSV and develop its financial ecosystem.
  2. Discourage parties from draining dollar-pegged DAO funds, and what I mean by this is: it’s still early days and SSV will see a lot of grant requests. I believe Stereum means well, but that will not always be the case.

Thanks for your comments. 1. for sure, priority number one 2. I think that the DAO can handle 42K EUR for such significant added value executed by a great team. But, open to discuss. What do you think this project should cost?

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Please use our address 0x81D30BF2047cC5Ee5f903CC00594edC8D5018D31 for payouts, thank you!

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Just for the records: The grant was successfully voted on by the DAO.