SSV x XHash grant proposal [Institutional Liquid Staking]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request on 25.07.22:

Total grant: $50K

Payment terms: Fully paid in $SSV tokens based on 90 days price average as of this week.

Verified Payment Address: 0xaecd92aec5bfbe2f5a02db2dee90733897360983 (Ethereum Verified Signed Message)

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grant Committee

Hello there :wave:,

Based on the agreed payment terms, the upfront payment of $10k (100% SSV) shall be executed as follows:

To: 0xaecd92aec5bfbe2f5a02db2dee90733897360983

Amount SSV: 1,422.87

Decision date: 2022-07-25
90-day SSV token price: $7.02804


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Really appreciate SSV grant committee, we received the upfront payment already, here I want to update the progress of XHash integrate with SSV:

Simply speaking, our solution can break down to 3 steps:

Step1: User upload their validator key and password,

Step2: We distribute this validator key to 4 key shares in our server

Step3: Register one validator for user and allocate this 4 key shares to our node operator

We finished the development work of Step2 already and working on step3, we hope we can finish this in 2-3 weeks on V2 testnet, we’ll demonstrate it at that time.

And we registered 4 node operators on Shifu network already.




Hello everyone,

I’d like to update XHash team’s current progress.

We have finished the Milestone #2: MVP that XHash Staking integrate with SSV Shifu testnet,

The MVP workflow is :

  1. User Register an account in our website;
  2. Generate keystore file on Ethereum staking launch;
  3. Upload their keystore file from our loading GUI;
  4. XHash stake system will check this file, if it’s validate then generate 4 key shares;
  5. Send transaction to SSV network smart contract to register validator automatically;
  6. Our 4 operators(XHash1, XHash2, XHash3, XHash4) will load those key shares

Demonstrated it with SSV team already, and thanks for the suggestions and feedbacks, very interested in how to improve the progress of generate deposit file and transfer keystore file more safely, hope to see your solution soon.



Hello everyone,

I’d like to update XHash team’s current progress.

We have finished all objects that we supported at grant apply proposal:
Milestone #3 : Finish the integration of SSV network
Milestone #4: Online finally

You can check how to use SSV to stake on our staking page:
Click “Stake 32 ETH” then select Yes:

Our customer can select use SSV or not by themselves, in future we are considering to set SSV as the default option if it’s stable and performance are battle tested.

We joined the final testnet and mainnet launch, integrated SSV solution into our staking platform already, and 159 validators are running at SSV mainnet right now, the performance seems very good:

We also find some bugs during our test period and mainnet period, reported all of them to SSV technical team; The marketing teams of both parties have also done a lot of markering work together.
So I think it’s a time to apply the rest $30,000 grant, we are happy to accept it in SSV tokens.
$20,000 when we finish the integration of SSV network
$10,000 when we are online finally.

Hope we can work together in the future to jointly promote the decentralization of Ethereum.