SSV Network opens USDT trading pair on Binance exchange

Proposal Overview - SSV Network opens USDT trading pair on Binance exchange.


  1. Enhance the liquidity of SSV in the primary market
    A large number of investors currently hold USDT or other stable coins, and USDT pairs are the main trading market in the Binance exchange. The opening of SSV/USDT will help enhance the liquidity of SSV in Binance and facilitate investors to conduct better transactions, which is also for the protection of investors’ rights and interests.
  2. Reduce transaction costs for investors
    There is no denying that USDT holds an absolute position in the stable coin market, and there are a large number of investors who hold USDT. At present, when they want to buy SSV, they need to buy ETH or BTC first, and then buy SSV through BTC or ETH. This process will cause investment fee loss and token fluctuation loss in the exchange process, which is not conducive to attracting investors to SSV.
  3. There is no harm to open SSV/USDT
    Opening SSV/USDT trading on Binance is not bad for the SSV project, but there are benefits as above. We need to keep doing things to make SSV.Network better and better.

Mechanics - SSV Network / SSV DAO should communicate with Binance about the opening of USDT pairs and the DAO Treasury should pay the corresponding fees incurred.

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