Problems and Solutions

Network issues have peaked lately.
We had a validation issue last week.
There has been a major problem with both validation and network traffic for the last two days.

And many users have to pay extra fees to their servers for network traffic.
In addition, the performance percentage of hundreds of operators decreased by at least 5% in the last 2 days.

1- For the first round of the Award-winning Testnet, the success percentage should be reduced from 85% to 80%.

2- As I mentioned above, many users do not have as powerful hardware as verified operators operated by business partners. And many of them are currently not making a profit, but rather making a loss. At the very least, the reward needs to be doubled to stop the loss of these users and cover their server costs.

This offer was previously submitted by FOD and shared on twitter.

It should be brought up again and re-evaluated.

3- Network problems should be resolved as soon as possible and further work should be done to stabilize the grid if necessary.


Today, “Voss” announced that it lost an operator due to network problems:

And my extra traffic bill(Only 1 operator):

The truth is that hundreds of people are in the same situation right now.

In its current form, it does nothing but harm testnet participants and those who believe in it.

I hereby request you to take the necessary action.

Best regards…


I agree that the required performance metric should be temporarily reduced. I think 70 or 75% would even be reasonable for this first round. Almost no one made it out unscathed from the most recent network issue.


I think so too, 75% should be sufficient IMO


Thanks for making this happen, Alon.