Monthly SSV DAO Audit Reports [ThePASS Team]

Hello SSV Community, I’m Knowhow92, partnerships lead for DAO aggregator platform. We’ve drafted this proposal with the aim to contribute to SSV DAO.

Your input is valuable to us, and we are open to making adjustments based on community suggestions. Please feel free to share your thoughts, recommendations and improvement ideas at the comments section.


The key to a DAOs success lies in transparency. However, staying informed of everything that’s happening within DAO ecosystems requires a significant amount of time from the community. Additionally, the complexity of data can become a “transparency barrier” to the average user, ultimately discouraging them from engaging and participating in governance.


With this proposal, ThePASS team aims to contribute to SSV DAO by offering monthly Audit Reports designed to provide the SSV community with valuable governance and treasury insights. Audit Reports will align to SSV DAO governance framework and specifications, and through extensive on-chain/off-chain data tracking and analysis, we aim to achieve:

1. Enhanced transparency and accountability: Offering valuable insights to SSV DAOs financial health, governance activity and operational efficiency.

2. Informed governance and financial decision-making: Conducting comprehensive treasury and governance analysis, leading to more informed decisions

3. More engagement within the community: Increasing community engagement and discussions by presenting complex data in a simple way (charts, commentary)

Audit Reports Breakdown

Audit Reports will be split in 2 sections, Treasury and Governance. Each of those sections will examine key aspects within the DAO to provide an all-round understanding of its operations. Here’s a breakdown of what each section will cover:

Treasury [Section 1]

The treasury analysis section offers a comprehensive view of SSV DAO’s financial health and assets management.

This results in better decision-making, acts as a performance evaluation indicator, brings more financial transparency, and boosts engagement and treasury discussions within the community.

More specifically, our team will track, analyse and present the following data:

1. Treasury Overview (FTs and NFTs):

  • Details regarding the DAO’s total token holdings

  • Breakdown of wallet balances and their assets

  • Assessment of the total treasury value

  • Treasury asset performance and market index comparison

2. Financial Transactions:

  • Monthly assets flow

  • Incoming/outgoing transactions

  • Transactions labelling

Governance [Section 2]

This section covers and analyses the classification and expenditure of proposals, allowing users to have a clearer understanding of the DAO’s focus and provides a data basis for better decision-making in the future.

Governance Analysis section will feature:

1. Proposals Overview:

  • Data overview (proposal amounts, funded projects, funds, etc.)

  • Proposal details breakdown (date, proposer, status, funds, approved date)

  • Most discussed proposals

  • Governance monthly activity

2. Voters Overview:

  • Delegators overview (top delegators, participation, influence in decisions etc.)

  • Data overview (token holders, participants, voting patterns etc.)

  • Top Voters of the month based on participation and votes

  • Top Voters all time based on participation and votes

Check our Treasury Report for ApeCoin DAO as a reference of our work: Apecoin DAO Treasury Report


Monthly Audit Reports will be posted under the “Treasury” section of SSV Network profile on ThePASS. We will share the Audit Reports from ThePASS Twitter account tagging SSV Network as well as post a link to the report in SSV Governance Forum.


The rationale behind monthly Audit Reports for SSV DAO lies in our mission to support transparent, efficient, and accountable decentralised governance. Beyond initially supporting SSV DAO by presenting treasury and governance data on our platform, we aspire to play a more direct role in the ecosystem by providing a comprehensive analysis and practical insights, promoting better-informed decisions, improved financial transparency and increased community engagement by making complex data available to all.


We propose a 3-months partnership, providing enough time for the community and stakeholders to evaluate the impact and necessity of these Audit Reports. At the same time, it allows ThePASS team the opportunity to gather and incorporate community feedback for report enhancement.

Audit reports will be delivered at the end of each month, ensuring consistency and allowing ThePASS team enough time to make any necessary changes.


We propose an estimated budget of $3000/month in SSV Tokens. This funding will be used to cover ThePASS team’s efforts, analysis, research as well as tools used and data sources used in the audit process.

Who are we?

We are a collective DAOers behind ThePASS, a DAO aggregator and analytical platform. By consolidating essential information, social data, treasury assets, governance details, calendars, and more, ThePASS enables users to effortlessly monitor and evaluate DAO performance, providing valuable insights for well-informed decision-making.

Proof of Work

  • Aggregated data from over 133k DAOs and 3.7 million voters, making it the largest DAO database to date.

  • Integrated 20+ governance platforms, including Aragon, Moloch DAO, MakerDAO governance, OpenZeppelin, Nouns Build, Compound governance, Snapshot, KyberDAO, AAVE, Syndicate, and more.

  • Forged over 200 new partnerships with verified DAOs.

  • Notable partnerships include MakerDAO, ApecoinDAO, BanklessDAO, KyberDAO, MeebitsDAO, and others.

DAO Analytical Dashboard Work and Research

:open_book: Research Examples

Thanks for the proposal. Could you explain how the monthly audit report is different to the link you shared and what resources you need from SSV for the report. Also how will the report be shared with the DAO?

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Hey @kbc , thanks for checking out the proposal and more than happy to reply to your questions.

This is an example of how the monthly reports will look like, but of course tailored to SSV DAO needs. Have the same link included in the proposal at the end of “Audit Reports Breakdown” section but I somehow messed it up while drafting the prop and wasn’t working, sorry for this. Edited, thanks :pray:

About resources needed, two things.

  1. A core contributor to sync with our PM and verify that all data tracked at SSV DAO DAOBase profile are the correct ones and point us to the right direction in case we missed any. This is gonna be an one time job just to verify we track the right data.

  2. Someone from SSV social media team to contact before we publish each months report so they can repost it on SSV socials for more visibility

About distribution, what we normally do is to create a “Treasury Report” tab in DAOBase project’s profile and post the reports in there, just like we did with Apecoin DAO

We then spread the report news on our Twitter account and coordinate with someone from the SSV social media team so they can re-post (Twitter, Discord etc.). This is the part I’d appreciate any feedback and suggestions though. We can do that or the community can suggest any distribution method they prefer. (Updated in the Proposal)

As mentioned at the beggining of this prop, this is the rough idea. I’ll keep updating this proposal draft as I get more and more community feedback and let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile: