Efficient Frontier Market Making Weekly Report June 6th 2024

Highlight of the week Different type report this week. EF will be bolstering up in the coming days - You’ll see depths and spread improving (Even further). Efficient Frontier feels that it’s time to pounce on the positive momentum surrounding Crypto and the ETH ecosystem.

The overview:

  1. Comparative analysis & Efficient Frontier performance
  • Price stability & market rank
  • Volumes
  • Spreads
  • Depth
  • DEFI (as a market)
  • DEFI (SSV specific & SSV vs LIDO)
  1. Extra DATA (for viewing)

Price Stability and Market rank

EF supports SSV at key levels.
By Definition, the role of the market maker is protect Price stability.

At key levels, SSV has stability, while RPL and LIDO have not had these levels of support.

At key moments, just before the halving and into June we have been able to support SSVs price, while other projects, like Lido and RPL had large dumps.

Hence: Reduced volatility


SSV vs ETH and RPL (We recently entered onto ByBit - Hence we use it as a reference)

  • When ETH volumes spike, so does SSV
  • Rocket pool similar FDV & Market cap, lower volumes
  • Volumes on ETH and SSV have been comparable on OKX
  • This is specific to OKX - ByBit is more telling of the overall ETH vs SSV volumes

Now for ByBit…

SSV spreads performance is relatively much tighter than RPL - LIDO spreads are comparable but Efficient Frontier has been able to keep SSV tighter.

Tighter spreads > More confidence > More volume > More liquidity > Better peg

Tighter spreads also create a better trading environment which incentivizes other actors to trade-in which in turn increases the depth and the volumes. All of which sends positive signals to the market


  • Efficient Frontier has continued to exceed agreed upon KPIs.
  • But we can improve
  • ± 0.2% (very very close) depth is much better than RPL.
  • An area we will improve, as another measure of goodwill to our valued client - SSV


  1. More Data

Efficient Frontier Defi wallet

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