Efficient Frontier Market Making Weekly Report April 9th 2024

After seeing outflows from the market and many Alts bleeding there has been a decent recovery. BTC trading just under $70k.

  • SSV has our performed the market gains, 10+% up in the last week.

    A few notes to explain what you are seeing:
    • “7d Avg Spread” is the average spread from the best performing spread market (Binance USDT pair).
    • “4% Liquidity” is ±2% from midprice liquidity sitting in the books across all exchanges
    • In the individual pairs, the “2% Liquidity” is ±1% from the midprice liquidity sitting in that individual pair
    *The price movement and comparison can be referenced on CoinGecko under “How does the price performance of SSV Network compare against its peers?” SSV Network Price: SSV Live Price Chart, Market Cap & News Today | CoinGecko

  • As promised we’ve increased our market share. On Binance it’s doubled. We are going to continue to increase the market share

  • The market went through net-outflows, so the drop in volumes in consistent with the rest of the market

  • Below is the average liquidity for the week. 2% = ±1%, 4% = ±2%, 8% = ±4%

  • Liquidity has improved, Binance liquidity has doubled.

Spreads for the previous week.

  • This is the % of time EF kept spreads from bid-ask at 75bps or better.
  • We have re-entered KuCoin.
  • Our uptime is 97+% across all exchange bar Kucoin - we continue to monitor the situation.
  • Kucoin uptime is still decent at 84+%

Please follow market spreads either on the exchanges or Coingecko/Coinmarket cap to validate that our spreads are remaining below the agreed upon KPI

This does not include liquidity & trading in the V3 pool
Our aim is to continue to incentive volume and sustained trading health in the SSV market while remaining as transparent as we can with community members.