DAO Partner Proposal

DAO Partner Proposal - Strategic Partners / Growth Partners

Proposal Overview

This proposal is to add Andrew Vranjes, Simon Schwerin, Joeri van Geelen, Jason Winder, Aakash Kumar, David Wang and Chirayu Wadke as partners of the SSV DAO.

Collectively - we are highly value add partners to the core SSV.network team with the goal of supporting this project through building a strong network and by making strategic introductions. To date we have supported the SSV.network team by making introductions to staking providers and strategic crypto partners around the world. We come from a diverse background and have a very strong network that SSV can leverage on to expand and grow. Specifically Andrew has done 8-10 high value introductions for Alon to help expand the SSV investor and value add network

The proposed token purchase is for 24,229 SSV tokens from Batch 1 at a price of $6.19 per token. The partners will be subjected to the terms specified in the DAO Partnership Proposal 8.


Our personal interest in SSV stems from SSV’s mission of restructuring the Ethereum Staking Infrastructure to be truly aligned with the goals of Ethereum, to enable a decentralised, transparent and secure network for the masses.

With all the hype around L2s, sharding and rollups, the core staking infrastructure must be well-developed to enable decentralisation and security as well. Our personal conviction is that SSV will dominate this space with their focus on building a robust project that targets the core needs of staking infrastructure.

Rather than jumping on the hype, SSV has set out a clear solution to the problems that staking has traditionally faced, without any true competitors in this space. Our discussions with the core team has been tremendously informative and has further reinforced our belief in this project For these reasons, we aim to formalise our partnership to the DAO and show our conviction to the project.

We see continued support coming from further introductions to VCs, Cloud providers, Staking providers, connections in Europe, Asia and India and look forward to being actively involved in the SSV.network project.

Individual details

  • Andrew Vranjes has been investing in startups for 12 years, with over 76 investments, and 14 exits. Andrew leads the Startup Team at Amazon Web Services in ASEAN, where he works with early stage startups up to the majority of the Unicorns in ASEAN. Lastly, Andrew is a Sequoia Scout.

  • Joeri was the Managing Partner APAC at Prysm Group as well as 10+ years in expat management roles with Shell, Siemens Wind Power and Equinor. He has been a speaker and panelist at many blockchain events, and an investor and advisor to dozens of blockchain companies. He has an impressively deep and wide network in the technology and blockchain space.

  • Simon is also a regular speaker and conference panelist, and an investor, mentor and advisor to dozens of blockchain projects, such as Chainlink Labs, KILT protocol and Polkadot. He also has a huge network in the space, and has published several papers on blockchain technology.

  • Jay is an Australian serial entrepreneur, and spent 19 years in Japan building and selling two companies. The second company, MakeLeaps, introduced SaaS style business invoicing to Japan, with investors including Naval Ravikant who led the seed round. He is an investor in over 50 companies, dozens of DeFi projects, several tier one cryptocurrency funds, and is a decentralisation and cryptocurrency advocate and enthusiast.

  • Aakash Kumar - Aakash is a 2X founder and an active early stage investor (60+ cos). He has a masters in metallurgical engineering and has extensive experience in leading product and growth for global businesses across media, gaming, fin-tech and commerce. He focuses majority of his energies towards driving the web3 ecosystem forward and is deeply and passionately involved in shaping projects solving for growing the PoS ecosystem. He has backed multiple staking solution.infra layer projects (eg: Stader Labs) and keenly wishes to drive synergetic growth for SSV by stitching deep partnerships and collaborations. He is based in India.

  • David Wang - 20 years commodities sales/trading role with Goldman Sachs & JPMorgan. Previously Co-head of JPMorgan APAC Precious Metals and Co-head of China Commodities. Currently a multi-asset investment strategist to a handful of significant Asia families. Building a Chinese consumer sentiment analytics marketing technology software. A crypto evangelist with a growing participation in the ecosystem from trading, staking and investing in early stage projects. Happily calling for BTC to surpass gold as the safe-heaven / inflation hedge.

  • Chirayu (“cwadke”) is an operator/investor at the forefront of mobile, wireless, internet of things (IOT) technologies. Chirayu has been in early teams of Google Pay, Nest Wifi. He has also run a seed stage VC fund backed by Cisco, Accel and others investing in technology across APAC with a few investments in crypto startups.

Investment details



|SSV token price||$6.19 USD|

Link to google docs here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EwimgDTwfc2sLb7H-yfXdQaiXB3I8Zp9QrJAY01qWZQ/edit?usp=sharing

any Linkedin or Twitter info?



Sorry - can only 2 post 2 links at a time!




Hello SSV DAO,

we need to update our investment details.

Simon invested $30k USD (was supposed to be 25k USD) - this is the transaction. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

To balance out our investment, Chirayu invested 5k less - so that the total amount for us remains the same, $150,000 USD

Chirayu’s investment is 15k USD

Also, I need to change my receiving wallet (as I sent my investment in via FTX) - please use this ERC20 wallet address for my investment of $20,000 USD.


Let us know if you have any questions. Our total investment amount remains the same (just different amounts for Simon and Chirayu and update my wallet)


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firstly, I am glad to see more OG and crypto natives join and build the SSV together. Just some concerns here. After 2.5 months, we have completed the v1 testing with some outcomes and experiences. Also, so far the first partner program application has been about half a year. Therefore, I don’t think it is a good option to sell the tokens at the same price as half year ago.

Hi @satbalwyn - the monies were sent in on the original timeline. just doing some cleanup and documentation, as I used the wrong address to send the monies in and 2 of my friends sent the wrong amounts in to SSV DAO in december 2021.


cool so the deal was already done! Sorry about the misunderstanding.

all good @satbalwyn - yes. confirming deal is all done. I screwed up and needed to change wallet and my 2 colleagues changed their $ invested, but the total remains the same.

So we just wanted to document these 2 things.

Thanks for the quick replies!

Sounds totally fine, since the DAO already approved the total investment amount and the people involved. Just make sure you reach out to either @SpookyG or the Blox team to make sure these changes are implemented.

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Thanks @fod - yes, I’ve discussed this with Alon and blox team. Will drop @SpookyG a note to cover off also.

Thanks for the advice!

@SpookyG - how do I DM you?

Hey @avranjes You can DM me here or on Discord: Sp00kyG#6714

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Hi SpookyG,

This post

Just double checking we are all squared away?


Your proposal has not been executed yet, it’s next up in the queue. Let me check that we have all the info we need. Feel free to DM me on here or on Discord.