Create a unified Verified Operator dashboard


The proposal is to create a single Verified Operator dashboard to in order to:

  • Simplify DAO approval process for new verified operators by providing network-wide summarised data points.
  • Grant performance overview visibility for validators.

Having overall visibility on geolocation, hosting providers and used ETH clients, the DAO can make data-driven decisions and recommendations to Verified Operator applicants. E.g a particular ETH clients should not be used or a hosting provider has too high operator concentration.


The dashboard should list all verified operators with breakdown by

  • Number of validators
  • Calculated performance
  • Used ETH1/2 clients
  • Cloud/Hosting provider
  • Geolocation

In addition, the dashboard should have overview tables/charts indicating the percentage of verified operators using particular ETH1/2 clients, Geo and Hosting providers.


I suppose you mean this dashboard
All the features are available already.

You are correct that all information is available for individual operators, however there is no network-wide overview dashboard, which would help DAO to make decisions.

What is proposed here exactly?
Is this a feature request or a proposal to build such a dashboard (and by who?)?

This is more of a feature request and an extension of the current explorer as all the data is already present.
Is this not the right channel for this?

Iā€™d say discord is a more appropriate place unless there is a discussion around it which involves the DAO

Ack. I thought this could bring value for verified operator selection approval process. But as this is more of a feature request, this can be closed off.