Community Empowerment Program - Empowered Community Members

Hello SSV Community!

On the 12th of October, the Core Team was excited to announce its Community Empowerment Program. This program is part of a broader push to support SSV DAO members’ governance efforts. It builds on work done by the SSV DAO to delegate more voting power to active community members through the Karma vote delegation.

The overarching aim is to establish DVT as a community-owned public good through sound stewardship by community delegates. To this end, the ownership of SSV smart contracts has been transferred to the DAO multi-sig, and the initialization of the SSV Foundation has been proposed. Each of these steps is essential to reach this shared North Star.

Today, the Core Team is delighted to announce the community members who have shaped the community and DAO. In doing so, they have reached the top of the Karma leaderboard. Today, these community members will become Empowered Community Members, amplifying their voice and decision-making authority.

Karma Ranking Name Address Delegated Amount
1 BenAffleck 0x2de670a1d8c1de83d8727295284704bb196ba117 5.000 SSV
2 fod 0x9933fcd422180fe81c83aed0de219c6fc4a08c15 5.000 SSV
3 Sp00kyG.eth 0x0b399d2667733659f4a5fdcb030f3e26d26cc0fe 5.000 SSV
4 / 0x404f9fa7e8c6b911f6dc3bb32f103a77deb8dda7 30.000 SSV
5 Taiga 0x44e50757ad63558cf5281bb4da7997bcf5118e33 0 SSV
6 / 0xe3023dae714d827f2452442fccfdc2bcd684de13 30.000 SSV
7 cvjoin.eth 0xf389dd1f828525b449d63d14157f2d3a25ee0a41 30.000 SSV
8 0x9fb67dea6c6f9f0e35c3ebe61afda0cfd9a332c3 30.000 SSV
9 / 0xd4b06a0bec0bd015027e2ca7d30367fab60a1a8e 30.000 SSV
10 / 0xe6b6e280a41ddbdb19543e29cad4088a11ddf6b8 30.000 SSV
11 / 0xa4ab16a28a8567bb7e51d536f151f8bac1d3b464 25.000 SSV
12 / 0xe4a1319048c3a3873da557a289817276aac96296 25.000 SSV
13 0neinfra.eth 0x1b1627b632f774b4b95cfe28ec03d8f9c5847f0b 25.000 SSV
14 Yorick 0xefe28ba8c9bb3438f92f75be0acd078182c61231 5.000 SSV
15 hackworth.eth 0xc799be8de03f20b2d3b101e6f6516d614e6ffe06 25.000 SSV

Those that are marked with l have no name on Karma.

The next round of Empowered Community Members will be announced on the 24th of January 2024. The Core Team encourages everyone to participate in community activities and get ranked higher to benefit from the Community Empowerment Program and shape the future of the!


Great one
And looking forward to what my rank will be 2024 :muscle: