SSV Network DAO Guidelines [Rev. 1]

Revision History

Voting Policy

  • The SSV token is used for voting on all SSV Network decisions unless the DAO decides otherwise.
  • A minimum of 100 SSV Tokens is required to participate in votes.
  • A quorum requires 2.5% of total SSV supply according to [DIP-3] Quorum Proposal.
  • A vote on a proposal is 7 days long, requiring a simple majority to be accepted. The date and time a vote has ended is called vote expiry.
  • Voting is done on Snapshot.
  • Execution of passed votes is done by the Multi-Sig Committee according to [DIP-2] Multi-Sig Committee.
  • If the execution details are unclear, the multisig committee will indicate so. The proposer will have 7 days to respond and resolve the issue.
  • If a proposal depends on a previous proposal, the dependency proposal must be passed and executed before the execution of the original proposal.

Proposal Life Cycle

  • A proposal should start its life as a forum discussion to receive community consensus.
  • A proposer should write a proposal following the best practices established by other successful proposals to get accepted by the community and increase the probability of success.

Governance Landing Page

Additional information regarding the SSV Network DAO Governance and its tooling landscape can be found on our dedicated governance landing page.

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