Network Growth Grants

Following discussions, edited to remove POAP section and reward distribution to Ambassadors.


Developing the SSV (DVT) technology must be done in tandem to growing the ecosystem and community around it. Since inception was able to welcome a growing number of POS Staking as-a-Service experts, developers and community members. The network is generally composed of 3 main pillars; the technology, operators, DAO(community). Creating best in class technology will mean little without a strong community and DAO that shares the core values of our mission and help further propel our efforts to decentralize Ethereum’s ‘layer 0’.


There are a lot of people contributing to the growth and success of the network, their work should be recognized. We should also consider new ways to support community contribution and incentivize members to help scale the network.

We propose for the DAO to allocate a ‘dMarketing budget’ aimed at providing core community members (a.k.a Ambassadors) with the resources to independently engage in marketing activities and provide compensation to the community for their efforts. The main goals we aim to achieve:

  1. Recognize the ambassador’s contribution and hard work thus far (examples in the below links)
  2. Create an independent dMarketing team with the ability to allocate resources and community compensation according to their own judgement
  3. Additional growth activities (POAPs, translations, content etc.)

The ultimate goal is retaining existing member engagement and incentivizing new community members to step up and contribute to the network in any way they see fit. The is designed to be a public good, owned and controlled by the DAO. As we approach mainnet, marketing efforts will gradually shift to the community’s hands.

Budget allocation:


This budget will be allocated to a gnosis safe wallet controlled by the Ambassadors Safe Address - to be provided and kept safe by the participants.

Allocating resources from the safe will require 4 out of 6 signatures and clear explanation as to the use of funds. The allocation requests should be made in the ssv.networks forum:

  • Task
  • Owner
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Commercial terms (if any)
  • Receiving address

The forum category will be ‘info’ as this is not a proposal. The community is welcome to comment and propose alternatives in the forum comments section. Each new expense request should be uploaded to the forum at least 24 hours before execution.

The funds will be used for marketing initiatives aimed at growing the community, creating SSV related educational content and rewarding community members for contributing to the ecosystem. The DAO will vote on allocating additional resources to the dMarketing initiative based on the respective results and use of the initial injection.

SSV tokens (from treasury) - 500
USDC - 8,000

A successful dMarketing program ensures that the network is able to grow and prosper regardless of any centralized party’s efforts. Anyone is invited to apply and make good use of these funds, and the community is encouraged to get involved to earn compensation.

Ambassador Contribution

The Ambassadors have shown incredible engagement over the course of the last 6 months. They are quick to respond to community inquiries, participate and contribute to network related activities and work relentlessly to ensure the success of the ecosystem. The ambassadors operated without expecting or receiving any form of compensation from the DAO. First, the DAO did not exist when the Ambassadors started their activities. Second, the concept of dMarketing and a deeper ambassador involvement was only recently made official. In our opinion the ambassadors should be rewarded for their efforts and contribution thus far. You are the network!

Ambassador contribution, SSV allocation:

  • @fod#8970 - 500 SSV
  • @Sp00kyG#6714 - 500 SSV
  • @BenAffleck#9383 - 500 SSV
  • @Yorick #0990 - 500 SSV
  • @h.m.23#7131 - 200 SSV {Edited}
  • @Taiga#9240 - 200 SSV {Edited}
  • @simplezen#1479 - 200 SSV {Edited}

{Edited} Total 2,600 SSV (to be allocated from the existing DAO treasury, not newly minted)

DappNode Integration

DAppNode were the first to integrate SSV allowing seedless SSV node setup using a DAppNode hardware device. This allows stakers to access a large network of hardware node operators and distribute their validator keys between hardware and cloud based nodes. DAppNode’s involvement in the community started from the early days of the public testnet and allowed to increase adoption amongst ETH “power stakers”

We propose as integration grant to be distributed as follows:

  • DAppNode (+ operators) - 1000 SSV (to be granted to DAppNode)
  • Voss (former DAppNode-SSV community coordinator) - 450 SSV

We should be clearly aware that the most important thing in the crypto world and cryptocurrency is consensus. This consensus is not only the consensus of developers and capital, but the consensus of all people involved in this project, so I distribute the above rewards Disagree, this is not fair to ordinary crypto enthusiasts. POAP has the largest number of holders, but only a few rewards are missing? I am afraid that even gas is not enough

Could you specify to what you disagree? all of the proposal or the amount allocated for POAPs?


Just to be sure: Every planned activity (everyone can propose anything) requires a dedicated post on the forum, including a task description, an owner, a budget, the timeline, any commercial terms, and a receiving address for the budget (if any). The post needs to happen at least 24hours before execution. The owner should update the post during execution. 4 out of 6 community ambassadors need to agree on the task but only if it contains commercial terms since they’ own’ the dMarketing budget. In such a case, the ambassadors take into account the comments/thoughts of the community when making their decision. There is no voting (e.g., on Any planned activity that doesn’t need dMarketing budget can go straight to execution, assuming they are well defined and meaningful.

> Is this summary correct?


  • Let’s start with the forum and evolve into something better (like a board)
  • Let’s start compiling a real-life sample and do a dry-run


The amount of SSV tokens per POAP is a bit too low to have any effect (other than people worrying about high gas fees). To make sense, I would recommend to quintuple (*5) each allocation. It’s some money, but it’s not the world. We have more options for the next round of POAPs, such as SSV merch. Another option is to remove POAP 1 from the distribution and give them a significant discount on SSV merch (once available) while increasing the allocation for POAP 2-4.

Re: high gas fees. Don’t we distribute on xDAI? I thought this was under discussion. If so, we should mention it somewhere. Note the distribution method - TBD hint.

Ambassador Contribution

This feels right to me (I am very honored), except that the ambassador’s relative distance is too high. So I’d increase the amount for @h.m.23, @Taiga, @simplezen by some amount.

Insights on my work: On a typical week, I spend 12-16 hours for the 6-8 hours of writing time for the community digest (including collecting the content upfront). The rest goes into monitoring Twitter, the Forum,, and Discord. I have a ‘real-world’ full-time job (yes, I need to work😀).

DappNode Integration

Fully agreed. It reminds me of getting my hands on DappNode myself. Well done!


How many SSVs do POAP holders allocate? Is it enough for petrol? I don’t know what the proposer thinks? If there are such a few, I don’t think POAP holders would want it. Is this a charity?

How much would you suggest each POAP holder receives?
From your experience, which distributions yielded higher rewards?

Thank you for the detailed feedback!! Much appreciated @BenAffleck

  1. Correct.
    It is also important to note that an activity would require a dedicated post at launch. After-which simple updates and edits would suffice.
    I agree that a publish dashboard with updates and pending tasks is the direction to go.

  2. POAP distribution will be done the same way as the inventivized testenet SSV distribution. Once the community decides on a course of action, we will do the same.

Just to make sure I follow, you suggest:

  • POAP 1 - AMA Quiz - 163 winners - 5 SSV - 815 SSV
  • POAP 2 - Community Call #1 - 56 winners - 10 SSV (POAPs - distributed) - 560 SSV
  • POAP 3 - Unicorn - 26 winners - 15 SSV - 390 SSV
  • POAP 4 - Treasure Hunt - 19 winners - 20 SSV - 380 SSV
    Total - 2145 SSV8.2 SSV / winner?

I think that it might be too aggressive. What are your thoughts?

  1. By how much would you increase @h.m.23, @Taiga, @simplezen amounts?
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Thanks for the response, @EranE !

Yes, that’s why I said we could look for an alternative for POAP 1 since we had so many winners there. I assume it was more “difficult” to get POAP 2-4 given the lower number. Let’s also think about SSV Merch, instead of “low” numbers of SSV tokens (to work around gas fees).

But it’s good you put it that way, so we can look for consensus. Let’s see what everyone else thinks.
Adding @SpookyG.

Thank you!

I think at least the airdrops received by the holders will not lose the GAS fee. There are a total of 4 POAPs. Whoever holds the most, at least shows that the participation in the community is very active, and the reward given should be higher.

  • POAP 1 - AMA Quiz - 163 winners - 10 SSV
  • POAP 2 - Community Call #1 - 56 winners - 10 SSV (POAPs - distributed)
  • POAP 3 - Unicorn - 26 winners - 10 SSV (POAPs - distributed)
  • POAP 4 - Treasure Hunt - 19 winners - 10 SSV (POAPs - distributed)

10 additional SSV for those who hold 2 POAPs at the same time

Additional 20 SSV for those who hold 3 POAPs at the same time

Those who hold 4 POAPs at the same time will get an additional 30 SSV.

This is just a suggestion. The specific amount of distribution depends on how much SSV the community can come up with to reward everyone.

Hi @apper seeing that most of the debate is around the distribution of the POAPs, I will open a separate proposal so that it is addressed properly.
Let’s move the discussion over there

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Could not be better addressed.

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@everyone Thanks for all your feedback and hard work!

Voting is now open: Snapshot Voting: Network Growth Grants

Every vote counts!


The following addresses were supplied by the ambassadors:
@fod - 0x9933FCD422180Fe81c83AeD0de219c6fc4a08c15
@Sp00kyG - 0x0B399d2667733659F4A5fDCB030F3E26D26cC0Fe
@BenAffleck - 0x2de670a1D8c1DE83D8727295284704bB196bA117
@Yorick - 0xeFE28Ba8c9BB3438F92F75bE0AcD078182C61231
@h.m.23 - 0x1b1627B632f774b4B95CFe28eC03d8F9C5847F0B
@Taiga - 0x44e50757ad63558cf5281bb4da7997bcf5118e33
@simplezen - 0x1704eeC36042E868BFB9bf70658877b1e2243Be0


The dMarketing Gnosis safe has been created with the following signers:
@fod - 0x9933FCD422180Fe81c83AeD0de219c6fc4a08c15
@Sp00kyG - 0x0B399d2667733659F4A5fDCB030F3E26D26cC0Fe
@BenAffleck - 0x2de670a1D8c1DE83D8727295284704bB196bA117
@Yorick - 0xeCbb058Fc429941124a2b8d0984354c3132F536f
@h.m.23 - 0x03942AA4920fD4a103E1A7Bb7203Fe8A71E4243d
@Taiga - 0x44e50757ad63558cf5281bb4da7997bcf5118e33
@simplezen - 0x626f5e39D26A2706d71460168e73cCD00E78441d

Link: Gnosis Safe
Address: arb1:0x4a24A839576695e3F10eCCAA090cedc0E7e39E73

Please remember: This treasury exists only on Arbitrum
Do not send assets to this address on mainnet Ethereum.


The multisig committee can’t really send to an Arbitrum wallet. Can we have a multisig on eth mainnet to which the dMarketing team can decide what to keep on mainnet and what on Arbitrum?


dMarketing now also has a mainnet multisig with the same owners and the same address on mainnet!

Address: 0x4a24A839576695e3F10eCCAA090cedc0E7e39E73


Awesome! thanks for making this happen


Address Payable to Voss|DAppNode - 0xC801219041f7aEcCf136f35844Ff780D73624c12
Multi-Sig Address Payable to DAppNode Association - 0x53390590476dC98860316e4B46Bb9842AF55efc4