Investigate LowFeeValidation and potentially remove verified status


Verified node operators warranted to the DAO that they would run their own CL:EL aka “Ethereum full node”. They were rewarded for this additional effort and cost.

The DAO took such statements on trust, there was no enforcement of a verified node operator running their own infrastructure.

Infura shut down their CL/beacon/eth2 service on Oct 12 2022, around epoch 127842. We can detect verified node operators that did not run their own Ethereum full node by whether they went offline at that time.

LowFeeValidation did go offline when Infura shut down: SSV Network Explorer

Proposed action

  • Investigate whether LowFeeValidation did indeed use Infura, instead of their own CL:EL, and thus reneged on their promise to the DAO to run their own node
  • If so, remove their verified status
  • Should there be a lockout period of N months before they can apply again?
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