Forbole Joining as SSV DAO Partner Proposal

Forbole is proposing to be added to the SSV DAO Partner program.

About Forbole

Forbole is an experienced professional validator on over 30 blockchains, including Cosmos Hub, Polkadot, Solana and Flow. Our team consists of experienced engineers, talented designers, and creative marketers around the world. We are trusted by thousands of delegators across the globe.

We have built easy-to-use open source tools for token holders and blockchain end users to boost crypto mass adoption. The block explorer we developed, Big Dipper, has gained popularity among users and has been forked over 180 times.

Forbole is already a verified operator on SSV’s testnet.

To learn more about Forbole, please visit Check out us on Twitter: @forbole.


Forbole is an advocate of decentralization, open-source, and crypto mass adoption. We are eager to support projects that can drive towards those goals.

SSV’s technology is essentially an open-source tool for anyone to access decentralized staking on Ethereum 2.0, which encourages decentralization and mass adoption. The vision and mission of SSV is largely aligned with Forbole’s.

After researching and trying out SSV’s technology, we are impressed by the exquisiteness of SSV’s design. The splitting of a validator key across operators, hassle-free setup and fault tolerance mechanism are all very well thought of. We are convinced that SSV provides a good answer to Eth 2.0 staking.

Forbole’s Proposal

At the time of writing, Forbole has purchased 6296.05 SSV tokens. The wallet address is 0x41c92f0709434920e869c3a28e5029f69249690a. Once SSV’s mainnet launches, we are committed to participating in ETH staking via SSV, as well as staking SSV tokens. We have been and will continue promoting SSV on our platforms.

After joining as a DAO partner, we will actively participate in SSV governance. Coming from a grass-root background, we understand how to communicate and serve individual token holders. Our team will share our experience as a validator with the community, help token holders understand the nature of Proof-of-Stake concept and how to participate in the staking world. We can also explore building a Big Dipper version of SSV explorer, as well as integrate SSV token into the Forbole X wallet.

Overall, we believe that Forbole can bring values to the SSV network and SSV DAO with our professional experience and knowledge of the PoS world.

We look forward to joining the SSV DAO Partner program!


Welcome. But you don’t seem to have made it clear how you intend to join the partner program.

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welcome new freinds .


Hello! Thanks for the message. Forbole has already purchased 6296.05 SSV tokens. We have disclosed the wallet address and the amount in the main text. Sorry I might not have followed the exact template though covered most of the points. Thanks again for your consideration :slight_smile:

Oh I see. Ha ha. You are doing it right, exchanges are cheaper.

But I’m not sure if you qualify for the partner program this way. See how the rest of the community responded. I remain cautious.

This is not a DaoPartner subscription. In order to join DaoPartner, you must agree to 1 year cliff - 1 year vesting at the price of $12.

Yep - I think we, as a community, should rethink our strategy to become a DAO partner. As it stands, the price is too volatile and there might be batches where you might be better off purchasing at an exchange.

Welcome Forbole, it’s an exciting time and we are delighted to have you with us.


Thank you so much! We look forward to engaging more with the community too.


Great to have you here!