DAO Partner Proposal - Community Ambassadors and Moderators

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DAO Partner Proposal - Community Ambassadors and Moderators

Proposal Overview

This proposal is to add Greg Foderaro (AKA ‘fod’), Sebastian Zolg (AKA ‘BenAffleck’), ‘Taiga’, Vilas Deshpande (AKA ‘h.m.23’), and Thorsten Behrens (AKA ‘Yorick’) as partners of the SSV DAO.

We are prominent members of the SSV.network community with the goal of supporting this project through its upcoming launch and growth into the preeminent staking infrastructure of the Ethereum network. To date, we have served as community ambassadors and moderators, answering questions and providing assistance to users on Discord, freeing up the Blox team to focus on driving the project forward. We also perform other essential duties, such as network testing, educational outreach, and marketing efforts. As partners, we will stay committed to these efforts and further utilize our collective talents to serve the project.

The proposed token purchase is for 89,605 SSV tokens from Batch 1 at a price of $6.19 per token. The partners will be subjected to the terms specified in the DAO Partnership Proposal.


SSV is a special and rare project. It is not just promising as a business venture or impressive as an engineering innovation. It is a critical and principled piece of the Ethereum ecosystem that is necessary to build a robust, decentralized, and fair staking economy.

Staking is currently plagued with issues and inefficiencies— unacceptable slashing risks, centralization, custodial requirements, and lack of client diversity. But SSV is a clear and elegant solution to these problems, and it is without any commensurate competitors. Moreover, the team and community that have chosen to develop and support SSV are capable, determined, and kind. For these reasons, through this partnership, we seek to further entrench ourselves into this effort and formally commit to assisting in its growth and success.

Partner details

  • Greg Foderaro (‘fod’) — Greg is a long-time member of the crypto community as an enthusiast and investor. He is a research engineer and software developer by trade, with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and a long list of scientific publications in artificial intelligence and decentralized systems. Greg is currently located in North Carolina in the United States.
  • Sebastian Zolg (‘BenAffleck’) — Sebastian is a prominent IT professional and author of a blog focused on technical topics. He’s an experienced community builder and founder of the Swiss user group for Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework. Sebastian is a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award. He is a German citizen and is presently working in Switzerland.
  • ‘Taiga’ — With an academic background in Computer Science, he has working experience as a software engineer in the financial services industry and now focuses on the large-scale adoption of distributed ledger technologies by bridging the gap between traditional financial institutions and cryptocurrency. He is based in the United Kingdom.
  • Vilas Deshpande (‘h.m.23’) — Vilas is the founder of 0NEinfra, an SSV operator and has been actively participating in SSV test network development. He has a masters in chemical engineering and has extensive experience in global business. He is located in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region in the USA.
  • Thorsten Behrens (‘Yorick’) — Thorsten is the founder of CryptoManufaktur, a Chainlink node operator, and ran the first SSV node on Testnet V2. He’s active in the Ethereum solo staker community and the RocketPool community. He maintains the eth-docker solo staking toolset. He lives in Massachusetts, USA.

The proposal is online. Voting starts today.

DAO Partner Program - Community Ambassadors and Moderators


The proposal was accepted by the DAO.