DAO Partner Program

I agree
Coinbase Ventures, DCG, Lukka
It’s a good Backer.
If it is 1 year cliff and 1 year linear vesting condition, how about making more batch 1 allocation? 2M USD seems a bit small.

The batch is still open, so there will probably be more partners coming in. also the entire program will last 6 months, so there is time to get more people on board

Agreed as to partners, unclear why the differing amounts to each. Is this what they’ve offered to purchase at reference price?

Exactly. When joining the program, partners need to specify the amount of SSV they are looking to receive for the DAO to approve.

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partners need to specify the amount of SSV they are looking to receive for the DAO to approve

Its all in the proposal, please check again

Batch 2 reference price is $12.37


The vote has been passed. Did the partners deposit funds into the DAO treasury? If yes, where is the vesting contract?

Hi there, all treasury related info can be found here

Thanks, very helpful!
One small question, where is the etherscan link of this mint: “Minted supply 592,672”

all in here

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Hi, Any more details about batch-2? Has batch-2 started? What’s the reference price and minting number limitation?

See above. Batch 2 has started, and there is already a partnership request. The price has been calculated as $12.37.

I have a question. Are there any potential benefits to joiners from joining the Partner Program? How is it different from buying directly from an exchange?

Good question. Few points:

  1. For batch 1 there was a price incentive as ref price was lower than mkt price
  2. Signaling out to the community and the public that you are involved as an investor/partner. That gives validation and recognition to the project. If you are invested in a project might as well show public support in it
  3. Some funds or companies are not allowed to purchase tokens in the secondary market or are reluctant to do so. DAO purchase is a valid alternative for such companies
  4. Important to look at it from the DAOs prospective as well, not only the investor’s prospective. The DAO has transparency and control when welcoming people/companies to participate in governance and become a part of the ecosystem

Thank you for your patience in answering. The amount of SSV requested to be purchased in the partner proposal template led me to misunderstand that the prerequisite for participating in the partner program is to purchase tokens from the dao. I suggest that we should modify the proposal template to prevent the community from misunderstanding about Forbole’s proposal.

lll check the DAO Partner Program to make sure there is nothing misleading there. Thanks for raising your concerns in here.

Forbole are running a verified node in the network, they are a reputable staking service and also decided to purchase SSV tokens (potentially for future use in mainnet) . All in all, a net positive for the network.


Batch 3 started on the 1st of Feb.

SSV reference price is: $8.02

However, the proposal states the following:

The reference price for each Batch shall not be lower from the reference price of the preceding Batch/es.

The reference price of batch 2 was: $12.37

Since nobody joined in batch 2 (due to the high price), we could relax this rule, but that’s the DAO’s decision.

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Agree. According to the performance of SSV in the secondary markets, the rule should be revised for more partners to join. Usually, we offer a discount of reference price but which is very close to batch 1. So let the community make a decision.

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I think this should require an amendment proposal, WYT?

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