[DAO Foundation] Instructions for the Core Team on the Formation of the SSV Foundation

Due to the lack of legal capacity of the ssv.network DAO to undertake real-world actions, the Foundation Working Group (FWG), as part of its mandate, vested to it by the ssv.network DAO proposal Incorporation of the SSV DAO’s Foundation, hereby instructs the Core Team to instruct the proposed Supervisor and Secretary, Leeward Management Limited (“Leeward”), to incorporate the SSV Foundation on behalf of the ssv.network DAO.

The FWG has already instructed the Core Team to undertake various actions on behalf of the ssv.network DAO as detailed in the Incorporation of the SSV DAO’s Foundation Community Update. One of these actions was to settle the fees for the proposed legal counsel of the SSV Foundation, Carey Olsen, for which the Core Team will be reimbursed by the ssv.network DAO upon the incorporation of the SSV Foundation.

Therefore, the Core Team is instructed to fill out the Leeward Entity Formation Questionnaire. This will require the Core Team to provide information pertaining to:

  • The type, name and personal information (address, personal or corporate documents) of the instructing entity;
  • Information pertaining to other service providers to be engaged by the soon to be incorporated SSV Foundation;
  • Intended type of business activity of the foundation;
  • Name and type of foundation to be established;
  • Financial structure, share distribution and source of funds for the foundation

The Core Team is expected and instructed to provide the information listed above, as well as, any other ancillary information or documents before the passing of [DIP-13] ssv.network DAO Foundation incorporation.